22nd Old Boys 

"A family club for all the community!"





The elected officers and Committee of the 22nd Old Boys FC for the 2017/18 season are:

Honorary Lifetime Club President Donald Fry BEM

Chairman William Cheung

Vice Chairman Curtis Lindores

Secretary Brian Kirker

Assistant Secretary Jacky Burrows

Treasurer Philip McWilliams

Assistant Treasurer Brian Kirker

Club Welfare Officer Philip McWilliams

Club Auditors Thomas McComish, Ross Douglas

Head of Football Relations Philip McWilliams

Child Protection Officer Gary Larkin

Players' Representative Matthew Shaw

Ladies Team Representative Vicky Thompson

Youth Team Representative Jordan McKimm


William Adams

James Young

Ross Douglas

Thomas McComish

Andrew McCrea

Graeme Irvine

Social Committee

Graeme Irvine

William Simpson

William Cheung

Jacky Burrows

Lee Boobyer

Tanya Bonner

Disciplinary Committee

Chair - Philip McWilliams

Stein Vance

Carly Payne

James Young

Matthew Shaw

Coaching Staff

1st Team Manager Brian Kirker

Assist. 1st Team Managers Neil Herron, Philip McWilliams

2nd Team Manager William Adams

Assist. 2nd Team Manager Matthew Shaw, Andrew McCrea

3rd Team Manager Thomas McComish

Assist. 3rd Team Manager Gary Larkin, Ian Smith

Under 18 Manager Andrew Gilliland

Assist. U18 Manager William Devlin

Coaching Team  Ross Douglas, Andrew McCrea

Under 17 Manager Gary Larkin

Assist. U17 Manager Curtis Lindores

Coaching Team Stein Vance, Nevin Martin, Ian Smith

22nd Ladies Manager Brian Kirker

Assist. Ladies Managers Victoria Thompson, Philip McWilliams

Coaching Qualifications

Brian Kirker: UEFA B licence, IFA Youth Certificate

Philip McWilliams: IFA Level 1, IFA Level 2

Neil Herron: IFA Level 1

William Simpson: IFA Level 1, IFA Level 2

Darren Bell: IFA Level 1

Matthew Shaw: IFA Grassroots, IFA Level 1

Andrew McCrea: IFA Level 1

Carl Morrison: IFA Level 1

Gary Larkin: IFA Level 1

Ryan McFarland: IFA Grassroots

Craig Martin: IFA Level 1, IFA Level 2

William Cheung: IFA Grassroots

Jacky Burrows: IFA Grassroots

William Andrews: IFA Grassroots

Thomas McComish: IFA Grassroots

Ross Douglas: IFA Grassroots

Stein Vance: IFA Level 1

William Devlin: IFA Level 1

Samantha Lloyd: IFA Grassroots, IFA Level 1

Maggie Evitt: IFA Level 1

Katelyn Stewart: IFA Level 1

Jonathan Menabney: IFA Level 1

First Aid:
Ross Douglas       Ryan McFarland
Brian Kirker           Darren Passmore
Jacky Burrows     Andrew McCrea
Philip McWilliams

Disability Awareness

Brian Kirker

ASSIST Trained

Brian Kirker

Joint Protocol Training for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Marbeth Kirker

Advanced Designated Officer Training for Child Protection

Gary Larkin

Safe Talk (Suicide Awareness):

Brian Kirker            Philip McWilliams

Matthew Hall          Matthew Shaw

Jacky Burrows      Neil McAneney

William Simpson    Andrew McCrea

Samantha Lloyd     William Cheung

Billi-Jo Kitson         Vicki Thompson