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Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness 

You can’t always tell if a friend or loved one is considering Suicide, but some common signs can indicate they may be at risk. 

 Risk is higher if a behaviour is new, out of character or has escalated, or if it seems to be related to a painful or traumatic event, a loss or change.

Sometimes they may not display clear “signs” but there may be some HINTS…. so if you are concerned about someone, follow your instincts – they are often right.

Common signs someone may be Suicidal:
  • Displaying symptoms of clinical depression, a major risk factor for suicide;
  • Talking about Suicide or wanting to die, e.g. “I wish I was dead”, “I can’t see any way out”;
  • Talking  about being a burden to others e.g. “Everyone would be better off without me”;
  • Obtaining means or taking steps to find means to kill oneself, e.g. stockpiling medication, or buying rope or poisons;
  • Withdrawing from others, wanting to be left alone
  • Feeling hopeless, trapped in a situation or that there is no reason to live;Engaging in reckless behaviour, e.g.  reckless driving, excessive drug or alcohol use;Sleeping too little or too much;Displaying extreme mood swings;
  • Being severely anxious or agitated, particularly in combination with some of the signs above. 

Additional Warning Signs:
  • Preoccupation with death, dying or violence;
  • Suddenly happier, calmer – this is sometimes a sign that the person has made the decision to take his or her own life;Loss of interest in things one cares about;
  • Visiting or calling people to say goodbye;
  • Giving away belongings, such as prized possessions.
  • Making arrangements; tying up loose ends or setting one’s affairs in order for no apparent reason.