22nd Old Boys & Ladies FC   

" Tutam Ac Firmam, "




1. Staff of 22nd Old Boys for the purposes of this code of practice will be all Committee members, Team Managers, Coaches, Assistants and Volunteers involved in the supervision and control of members affiliated to 22nd Old Boys. 

2. Staff will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all members and treat everyone equally. 

3. Staff will place the well-being and safety of the participant above the development of performance or the success of the team. Appropriate insurance cover will be provided. 

4. Staff will develop an appropriate working relationship with each member, based on mutual respect and trust. Staff will not seek to enhance their own reputation or reward through exerting undue influence. 

5. Staff will encourage and guide the yeah member to accept responsibility for his/her own behaviour and performance. 

6. Coaches will hold up-to-date and nationally-recognised coaching qualifications and be currently recognised by the Irish Football Association, or other National Football Association. 

7. Coaches and staff will ensure that the activities they direct or promote are appropriate to the age, maturity, experience and ability of the individual members. 

8. Coaches and staff will conduct an induction procedure for members where it will be clarified exactly what is expected of each member and what the member in entitled to expect from the coach. 

9. Parents will be made aware of the 22nd Old Boys Child Protection Policy when their child enrols with the club if the member is under 18 years.


10. Coaches will cooperate fully with other specialists in the best interests of the each footballer (e.g. Physiotherapist, Doctor, other coaches, officials of the I.F.A etc.) 

11. Coaches and staff will promote the positive aspects of the sport, e.g. Fair play, and never condone or encourage rule violations or the use of illegal or prohibited substances. 

12. Coaches will consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance and provide an example for the each member to follow. 

13. Coaches and staff will respect the each person's right to personal privacy.

14. Staff will have separate sleeping accommodation from young people on occasions when teams are playing away from home, necessitating an overnight stay. 

15. Each member will be made aware of access to talk to others about any concerns they have. 

16. Coaches and staff will avoid physical horseplay, such as wrestling and tickling young people. 

17. Coaches and staff will not: Permit abusive peer activities such as initiation ceremonies, ridiculing or bullying. - Indulge in any inappropriate physical or verbal contact with any member. - Jump to conclusions about others without checking the facts. - Allow themselves to be drawn into inappropriate attention seeking behaviour by people, such as tantrums or crushes. - Ignore, exaggerate or trivialise abuse issues. - Show favouritism to any individual. - Make suggestive or risqué remarks or gestures. - Will not permit any sectarian, bigoted or racist remarks or gestures towards any individual or group. 

18. 22nd Old Boys will operate an "open door" policy, whereby parents or other staff, coach, official, potential member, or interested party may visit and view activities without appointment. Activities will be planned so that there are at least two coaches present.

19. Confidentiality will be maintained in an appropriate manner. Matters which involve abuse of a physical, emotional, sexual or neglect of a member will be dealt with using the 22nd Old Boys reporting procedures. In this case confidentiality cannot be upheld, but the coach or staff member will report only to the designated Welfare Officer. The case will be treated in confidence with other professionals, such as a Social Worker.

20. Coaches and staff should ensure that attendance records are kept of all recognised club sessions and social activities with the attendance of each member noted appropriately. A club incident form must be used to record any accidents, injuries or untoward event. 

21. Coaches and staff must be fully award of the 22nd Old Boys emergency procedures and reporting procedures and follow these at all times. In particular 

• Ensure that there is access to first aid equipment. 

• Make telephone contact with a next of kin, or the parents or guardians if the member is a minor. 

• Make telephone contact to the emergency services if necessary. 

22nd Old Boys recognises the right of every individual to participate in the sport of football regardless of race, gender, ability, religious belief, cultural identity, sexual orientation or political opinion. 

22nd Old Boys have an "open door" policy which all staff members will abide to, endeavouring to create a well balanced, carefree environment for all. The aim of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that those working with differing members of 22nd Old Boys at all times provide a quality sporting and social programme for the members by working to an agreed philosophy and set of standards. Enforcement of this Code of Conduct is the responsibility of every member of 22nd Old Boys. Any queries about the Code should be referred to any members of the 22nd Old Boys Committee or the Club Welfare Officer.

I understand and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. I understand that failure to abide by this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action by the Club committee. 

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