22nd Old Boys & Ladies FC   

" Tutam Ac Firmam, "

Club Rules

Any breach of the following club rules shall lead to the perpetrator being liable to any disciplinary action that the 22nd Old Boys Disciplinary Committee see fit to hand down.

22nd Old Boys FC Club Rules :

  1. All club members must confirm to any and all policies and procedures set in place by the club and its committee.
  2. The club will not tolerate sectarianism, discrimination or bullying in any shape or form.
  3. Any monies owed to the club must be paid within a reasonable time allocated by the club Treasurer.
  4. Players must meet within twenty minutes of the designated meeting time or let the relevant coaches know a valid reason as to why they can’t.
  5. Players must make themselves available for training at least once a week or let the relevant coaches know a valid reason in good time.
  6. Any player booked or sent from the field of play for decent or kicking the ball away will be fined £5 for a yellow card and £10 for a red card.
  7. Team selections are the responsibility of the elected coaches and appointed captains. Anybody with an issue about selection must approach the coach after the game with his problem. If he receives no satisfaction, he can ask a committee member to raise the issue with the committee.
  8. At the end of each season an A.G.M will be held in which all positions become vacant and an open election is held for all offices for the following season.
  9. All club officials must conduct themselves at all times in the manor of which their position dictates.
  10. Any player refusing to stand as substitute after being selected as on the 1st offence will stand suspended for 1 week, on the 2nd offence will stand suspended for 2 weeks and on the 3rd offence will be expelled from the club.
  11. All matters relating to ill-discipline will be dealt with by the appointed disciplinary committee. Any sanction imposed by said committee, must be respected and adhered to.
  12. At the beginning of each season, or at the time of registering with the club, each member must fill in an emergency contact and medical form. This information will be held by the Club Welfare Officer only and shall be destroyed at the finish of the season. It will remain strictly confidential.
  13. Any and all incidents regarding injuries on and off the field shall be logged onto an accident form. This shall be held by the Club Welfare Officer.
  14. Conditions to be met by any elected committee member:
  • Any person that is to be elected onto the committee must have been a member for at least 2 year’s unbroken service.
  • Any persons that have been previously been elected to the committee and removed, either by own choice or by a club decision is unable to stand for election to the committee for 2 years.
  • Any committee man who fails to attend 2 committee meetings in a row or 3 throughout the football season, will be removed from the committee and fall under the previous rule for the following 2 year’s elections