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22nd in the Community

Saturday 25th May 2018
Dr Melania Canavan Male Suicide Awareness & Prevention Cup
Grosvenor 3G 

22nd Old Boys 1-1 New Santos 
22nd won 5-4 on penalties.

Today a very young 22nd side played the final of this very worth while competition to raise Suicide awareness. The game as always with New Santos was played in a great spirit and a draw would probably have been a fair result. Big thank you to Prof. Dr. Melania Canavan for supplying the cup and Daniel of New Santos for organising it all. Oh a special mention to a dodgy lines man and Ref, 22nd Gavin and Flamer well done all.

New Santos took a first half lead after both sides spurned decent chances in front of goal. 22nd equalised through Denver Brown midway through the second half. With very few opportunities in the second half the game went to penalties. Butler saving 2 spot kicks and William Simpson scoring the winner for the 2's.

No Bullying at the 2's

Our newly qualified coaches in mental wealth games put their learning from the recent Mental Wealth Games Programme into action tonight, 14th May 2019.. ๐Ÿ“

Delivering a strong message against bullying to our 22nd Youth Girls team


Saturday 11th May 2019

Donald Fry Memorial Plate 
22nd Old Old Boys 4-6 22nd Old Boys lll

That time of the year to remember Donald in the best way possible by playing the sport he loved. We donated this years proceeds to cancer focus a very worth whole charity. 

The game hot under way with a nervous Butler refing in pink to match his lipstick and a hostile crowd behind the legends goal. The game started brightly for the Auld lads as their superior ability was evident. Just the final ball from midfield was not quite there. A long searching ball saw the silver back bounding down the wing. He was shadowed by Kirker who waited his time a sent man and ball over the touch line. An early market laid firmly down. The cowardly silver back then proceeded to hide from Kirker swapping with Ernie. As the Auld boys pressed a counter attack saw the silver back again tackled well by Kirker but in typical fashion he rolled onto of Kirker preventing him from getting up and shot into the far corner by a keeper going down in instalments, 1-0 3rds and the start of their cheating. The 3rds added a couple more to go into a 3-0 lead but the Auld lads never have up and with 70 year old Billy leading the line anything was possible. A flowing move by the aauld lads saw Cheung released but #cheung10 missed a sitter with the net at his mercy, brutal. Within minutes another fine move saw Michael fire in past Burger to make it 3-1. A bad challenge on the edge of the area from you guessed it the 3rds gave the Auld lads another opportunity. A well worked free kick saw Cheung fire home to make it 3-2 and put the Auld Boys back in the game. Willy was supposed to be holding the ball up and releasing our flying wingers, Clarke and Bryan's but unfortunately he had a touch like a an elephant requiring the midfield of Kernaghan and Douglas to mop up his horrendous touches. With the boys tiring and the 3rds cheating with an extra player on the pitch ! The half drew to a close 3-2 to the 3rds. 

No need for a half time team talk particularly as most of the Auld Boys team couldn't breath let alone talk, but the eventual message was enjoy it and that the cheating 3rds were there for the taking. 

With the 3rds now taking it super serious and upping their cheating levels to alsorts of skullduggery they scored a decent 4th to be fair when big Daniel thumped in a header to make it 4-2. Minutes later big Peter evaded the back four to slot home to make it 5-2. The auld lads kept at it and got a goal back when the ever young Darren Clarke slotted home to make it 5-3. All of a sudden the 3rds started to wobble and a terrible challenge on our 70 year old striker by Jono resulted in a great decision by Pastie (on for Bulter to ref as he was brutal) to award the auld lads a penalty. Billy dispatched the penalty much to the despair of burger, 5-4. There then followed some controversy as the 3rds cheated their way to a 6th goal which was very dubious to say the least. Right at the death Kirker appeared from nowhere at the back post to power a header goalward. Burger claimed a save  Kirker claimed a goal, que uproar. The final result was really 5-5. The Silverback, Baffer and his cheating team were offered a penalty shoot out to settle the tie like men. But you guessed it no chance the ran away with the trophy. 

When all said and done a great day was had and Donald remembered fondly and a few quid raised for cancer focus charity. Well done to all involved ๐Ÿ‘

Santa Claus is coming to .......... Woodvale

Sunday 16th December saw 22nd Old Boys run a Christmas party for our players kids and young girls teams. The day was a great success with face painting, bouncy castle, disco and even the big man himself making an appearance. The kiddies were superb and had a blast though I think a few saw through Santa lol. 


the 22nd ladies had there annual Christmas football night..... 
Big thanks to Brian for the pizza, getting us the training gear all sorted and for putting up with us all year ๐Ÿ˜ 
Big thanks to Mrs Clause for all her hard work also,
and delivering the secret gifts from her sack ๐Ÿคถ๐Ÿป

the girls also donated gifts to cash for kids mission Christmas, the thought of a kid not getting a present at Christmas is heart breaking... ๐Ÿ’” well done everyone 

Merry Christmas.... c yous all on the 22nd for the โ€œBig Light Switch Onโ€ 

#Uppa2s ๐Ÿ’™โšฝ๏ธ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐Ÿคถ๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ„โ›„๏ธ๐ŸŽ #MissionChristmas

Ladies Speak Out

Tonight brought to a close our Ladies 7 aside Tournament at Clarendon. We ran it to promote positive mental health and LGBT in our community. 

Big thank you to the 8 teams, Belfast Celtic Ladies, Carnmoney Ladies, Shamrock Ladies, St Oliver Plunkett Ladies and of course 22nd Ladies. All of whom battled it out over 8 weeks. The winners tonight were as follows :

The Rainbow Cup Winners Belfast Celtic Ladies.

The Community United Cup Winners Shamrock Ladies. 

Player of the tournament Carnmoney Ladies Keeper.

Moment of the Tournament Micky from St Oliver Plunkett Ladies (let him tell you Why ๐Ÿ˜‚).

Character of tournament Vicky Thompson ( she brought the sweeties ๐Ÿ˜‚).

Thoroughly enjoyed the wee tournament and had some brillant laughs. It was played in a great spirit, not a cross word and some smashing football played. Well done everyone.

Never Forgotten!

Today the 22nd Old Boys & Ladies FC were humbled and proud to lay a wreath at the spot of the Shankill bombing at 13.06pm the exact time the explosion went off. This was to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of this murderous act carried out by savages on the innocent shoppers on the Shankill. 

Some of us still remember this act of terror vividly even 25 years on and our thoughts and prayers are not only with the 9 innocents murdered but with the survivors and rescuers alike whose trauma lives with them every day. 


Ahead of the Game

Monday 8th October saw the 22nd Old Boys attend TAMHI and IFA Ahead of the Game workshop at Girdwood Community Hub. The members of the clubs committee have come away a lot more informed of how they can help not just the members of our club but of the wider community. We will continue to work with both TAMHI and the IFA to help promote positive mental awareness within the 22nd Old Boys & Ladies FC. 

Walking for Hope

On Sunday 9th September the 22nd Old Boys supported Hope Walk at Stormount. We donated 3 of our tops so that TAMHI and SAMHI could spell out the word HOPE with 305 football jerseys representing the 305 people who tragically took their own lives this year. This was also supported by Ulster Rugby, N.Ireland Football team and GAA. 

Monday 10th September being World Suicide prevention day. We supported SAFE group and SAMHI in the opening of a lovely new bench in Woodvale park. We then completed Walk A Mile In Their Shoes to promote positive mental health by walking down the Shankill to the Hammer community centre. There we were treated to a great spread provided by Linda of Linda's Kitchen and great music by the Monday night club from New Life Church. 

Winning SAFE

Saturday 23rd June 2018 
Norman Whiteside sports facility

Today with tge sun spliting the trees, 22nd Old Boys enter 2 teams and a 22 Ladies team into the SAFE Cup. This was to help raise some funds for the group and to promote positive mental awareness and provide support for those families effected by suicide.

The tournament was played in a great spirit. The ladies battled hard against the men's teams with Tanya nut meging at least one from each team. They were very unlucky to bow out at the group stage. The two 22nd Old Boys teams met in the semi final with the first team narrowly coming out on top. The final saw Grove face 22nd. The 22nd edged it to win the trophy. 

A big thank you to all who entered and worked to set it up.

Roccer Cup

Saturday 9th June 2018 
Roccer Tournament 

Today saw both ladies and men's teams compete in Roccer Charity 7aside Tournament to raise much need funds for Children's Cancer Unit Charity. 

The men won one game, drew one game and lost one game. Bowing out in the group stages. 

The ladies showed them how to do it by winning their two round robin games and then winning the final 2-0. 

Everyone had a great day out and most importantly a tidy sum was raised for this great charity. Well done to the organisers and to all who took part

Kick It Up The Mountain

Sunday 6th May saw the 22nd Ladies do a sponsor kick it up the mountain. They done this after one of our Ladies suffered a bad ankle break. 

The funds raised go into a special account our club has for injured players who are out of work through footballing injuries. 

A great day was had by all but by the look of that BBQ a bit of extra training will be needed ๐Ÿ˜‚

World Champions....... Almost!

Sunday 8th April 2018 saw a 22nd select team take part in the Tamhi world cup 7aside Tournament at Girdwood community Hub. This tournament was set up to help raise funds for Tamhi and to promote mental awareness.

A selection of players from all 3 senior teams and even the 1 of the 2nd team management team turned up with their sponsor forms and funds they raised. A minute silence was held a the beginning to remember the pass of young Carter Carson from 18th Newtownabbey youth. The tournament got under way and was played in great spirit. The 2's got through their group and beat the hosts Tamhi in the semi final on penalties. The final finished 1-1 and Bulldogs unfortunately won the shoot out.

Some of the highlights were Cheung trying a scissor kick. The ball flew straight up in the air and as he lay in a heap landed on him, much to everyone's amusement. Big Matt won the most hooked player of the tournament as he was hooked at least once a game.

Great day out was had by all and some good laughs along the way and of course all for a good cause.

Secret Santa

A very Festive Training session tonight..! ๐ŸŽ„โ›„๏ธ๐ŸŽโ„๏ธ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐Ÿคถ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ“ฎ๐Ÿ’™โšฝ๏ธ

The 22nd Ladies dressed for the occasion to exchange their (not so) Secret Santa gifts and drop off their Cash for Kids Mission Christmas toys ๐ŸŽ
We did play a bit of football as well, just to keep warm..

We will be enjoying a well earned Winter break, back in January to work off those turkey dinners! ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿด

Merry Christmas from the 2โ€™s

22nd Play against Cancer

Sunday 19th November saw the 22nd Old Boys/Ladies play a mixed team match to raise some money for Action Cancer and the SAFE group.


The ladies and men turned out in Woodvale park refed by a very dodgy Philip McWilliams.

The highlights of the day were a wonder save from B.kirker, Maitland emptying Jade to score followed by her getting revenge, Vicky generally kicking all round her, Katrina missing an empty net from 1 yard and Scuttle trying AGAIN to kill a Lo e flying sea gull. Great laugh and more importantly some money raised for great charities


Saturday 4th November saw the 22nd Old Boys/Ladies FC unveil their new It's Ok to talk sign at their home pitch at Clarendon. With various help line/charity numbers on it we hope it will provide a positive mental health message to those using the facility.

Also pictured is our 2nd team and our club mark logo.

Hope Zone

The 22nd Old Boys were delighted to be part of the launch for new community initiative in the Greater Shankill area, Hope Zone.

As a place that ;

. Provides confidentiality- that allows people to share.

. Offers connections to other support resources and networks.

. Offers comfort knowing that others are in the same position.

. Reduces feelings of isolation.

. Improves coping strategies.

. Focuses on solutions to problems.

People who have been caring for a family member or friend with a mental.health condition or find themselves dealing with one crises after another - know that it is a challenging situation and often find themselves alone and isolated. This can lead to frustrations in families and relationships causing distress to care givers, knowing that their loved one is not ready to accept help yet.

Friends and family often step in to provide support or a listening ear, but unless they are in the situation with the primary caregiver, they may not understand it fully, and the stressful impact the actions are having on the individuals directly effected.

Hope Zone will be helpful - a safety net in fact - for the care giver.

World Mental Health Day with the 2's

22nd Old Boys took time before their game on Saturday, 7th October 2017 to pose with the opposotion, 4th Newtownabbey to show their support and recognition for World Menal Health Day. 

This was done as part of the scheme within the NAFL to have all clubs send out the message that #ItsOKToTalk

As always, the 22nd Old Boys were more than accommodating to this great cause

22nd Ladies took part in East Belfast ladies tournament on Sunday 10th September. 

The ladies used the opportunity to promote positive mental health and to mark World suicide prevention day.

More Miles for Mental Health

Sunday 8th May 2017, the 22nd Old Boys/Ladies took part in the Cauldfields Black Mountain walk/run. This was done for TAMHI and to raise mental awareness by CSP FC. It was an extremely well run event and was an enjoyable experience to take part in. The organisers are a credit to their club and their wider community. The 22nd were delighted to be involved and look forward to supporting the event next year.

Friday 21st April saw the opening of the SAMHI Mural. A combination of all 15 teams from the Greater Shankill area to raise awareness for mental wellbeing.

We hope this Mural will be a great source of help to our local community and it wouldn't be possible without the following people:
Roberta Coates (Extern), Joe Donnelly (TAMHI), Hope 4 Youth, SAFE  Project, Stephen Paul (SAMHI), Ballysillian Swifts FC, 22nd Old Boys FC, Signs with Flair and B.C.C. good relations unit for the funding.

It was opened by our Lord Mayor Brian Kingston, Cllr Tim Atwood, William Humphery MLA, Jim Weir and Roberta Coates of Extern. Our thanks goes to these people for speaking very well and for giving their time to open the Mural.

In the past we have done key rings with club colours, badges and help line numbers. Wrist bands followed again in club colours, club name and helpline numbers. In the future we are releasing a toolkit to help the coaches and players to promote mental wellbeing within all clubs and the wider community.

To say the 22nd are very proud to have played a role in this is an understatement.

Highlighting Mental Health Awareness

The 22nd Old Boys FC with the help of TAMHI got wrist bands and a banner to highlight the initiative it's ok to talk. The wrist bands were distributed throughout our 3 senior teams, youth teams and Ladies team. This we feel is a great way to promote mental wellbeing and the banner will be hung in a prominent place at our home pitch at Clarendon for all to see. The 22nd Old Boys FC with the help of TAMHI got wrist bands and a banner to highlight the initiative it's ok to talk. The wrist bands were distributed throughout our 3 senior teams, youth teams and Ladies team. This we feel is a great way to promote mental wellbeing and the banner will be hung in a prominent place at our home pitch at Clarendon for all to see.

Pretty In Pink 2016

Saturday 9th October 2016 

Mary Wasson Cup (Breast Cancer) 


 Ligoniel 3-6 22ndA

22nd went to Cliftonvilles ground to play a charity match v Ligoniel in the Mary Wasson Cup. All proceeds going to pretty in pink Breast Cancer.

The game started with a mixed 22nd team some from each team on the pitch plus our keeper Cheung thinking he was a striker. Ligoniel started very brightly and it wasn't long before they opened the scoring with a great finish from the edge of the box 1-0. It was nearly doubled very quickly only for McAneney to make a fine save to his right. The 2's started to get back into the game when some boys loosened up from Saturdays game and a great strike from club captain Burrows from the outside the box saw the 2's level 1-1. It wasn't long before the 22nd took the lead with some nice build up play saw Maxi round the keeper to make it 2-1 22nd. Both teams were creating opportunities but it was the 22nd who struck next. Some 35 yards from goal Maitland took a quick free kick spoting the keeper of his line he chipped him superbly 3-1 22nd. 2's made a few changes giving chocolate ankles Cheung a rest for later in the game. The half finished 3-1.

The 2nd half started in spectacular fashion when straight from the kick off Maitland spoting the keeper of his line chipped him from the half way line (Alonso in disguise) 4-1 what a hit !! Ligoniel rallied and put pressure on the 22nd forcing McAneney into some fine saves though it was heard from the side line that he fell to make the saves. Then a mix up at the back saw Ligoniel get a lifeline to make it 4-2. The 22nd always looking dangerous on the break got a 5th when a great cross field pass from the better maxi saw young Chad race through to cooly finish to make it 5-2. Then a moment the crowd couldn't believe. McAneney dropped a simple catch fell over, done a roll and then flopped about like a dead fish while Ligoniel finished from close to make it 5-3. Ligoniel kept pressing but the 22nd held out and right at the death make it 6 when Burrows unusually clinical lept like a salmon to finish with his face. 6-3 22nd.

The game was played in a great spirit and was done so in memory of Mary Wasson. An enjoyable day had by all and a tidy sum raised for a great charity.

World Suicide Prevention Day @ The 2's

As today 10th September was World suicide prevention day the 22nd Old Boys teams put out the message #itsoktotalk.

We as a club take this very seriously and are working hard with Extern, Hope4youth, TAMHI and the new football group SAMHI (suicide and mental health initiative) to bring a positive message to the players within our club and to the local community.

Supporting Suicide Awareness

After the tragic event recently, 22nd Old Boys are again pushing out the message that suicide is not the answer and that help is at hand in a number of forms. 

Whether its talking to a team-mate or a member of our coaching staff, your troubles will stay strictly confidential. 

We at the 22nd have individuals who have had training to deal with these issues. We also have a club Welfare Officer, at hand 24/7.

Also, available are a number of organisations who specialise in this area.

So please talk, if your in distress. 

Stamp Out The Stigma

Saturday 21st May 2016 saw the 22nd Old Boys attend and speak at a mental awareness programme at Mosley Mill Newtownabbey, Stamp Out The Stigma.

It was opened by social worker, Marbeth Kirker and Physiatric nurse, Gemma Cameron. Joe Donnelly spoke from Tamhi and B.Kirker from 22nd Old Boys on their organisations work you promote a positive mental wellbeing through sport. A personal story from the audience was shared which was very moving.

Best selling author Felicia Johnson who had flown all the way from America then spoke of her own life story surrounding mental health issues. How she dealt with them and continues to do so as well as now helping others.

There was a break for tea and coffee before the afternoon was rounded of with some therapeutic African drums, which was enjoyed by all who took part.

The event was on the whole a huge success bringing together many service providers from all over South Antrim area and beyond some great contacts made by all but the most important out come was the message that mental health is not an embarrassing problem and STAMP OUT THE STIGMA.

Time to Help

Wednesday 9th March 2016 saw the 22nd Old Boys FC come together with FASA and Hope For Youth to do a leaflet drop to raise awareness for mental health around the Shankill area.

The importance of this information drop was increased with the news that FASA was to close, Leaving Belfast and the Shankill area very short of essential services. 

We as a club felt it was important to get as much information on remaining services such as Lifeline into the local community as soon as possible.

The 22nd delivered leaflets on Take 5 for Wellbeing and leaflets with other services numbers: 

Lifeline 0808 808 8000 

Samaritans 116 123 

PIPS 0800 088 6042 

Lighthouse 028 9075 5070

The Homeless Return

Saturday 13th February saw 22ndC take on the Homeless World Cup Team again at Woodvale Park. 
Both teams used this charity game to take the opportunity to continue the good work started earlier in the week by Joe Donnelly of TAMHI, to raise awareness of mental health. 
This is a subject, we at the 22nd, take very seriously and will continue to work within and outside our community to increase knowledge on this subject. 
Bringing The Homeless Home

Thursday 17th December saw the 22nd Old Boy's F.C 3rd team host the Homeless World Cup team in a friendly at Mount Pleasant. 

The game was played in a great spirit and was a great experience for all involved.

We, as a club, hope to play regular friendlies and to get other local teams involved to help out in this very worth while cause.

Lest We Forget

Saturday 7th November saw all four 22nd teams wear their poppies with pride and observe a minutes silence before their games along with their opposition and the referees. 

The Referee at our U17 game even gave the guys a short talk as to why they were doing it. Nice touch!

They shall not grow old, 

as we that are left grow old: 

 Age shall not weary them, 

nor the years condemn. 

At the going down of the sun 

and in the morning 

 We will remember them.

"Hair" one minute, Gone the next!

Saturday 7th November saw the 22nd Old Boy's come together with FASA to do a sponsored waxing in aid of The Safe Together Project (Families effected by suicide).

The 22nd members took sponsor sheets and got a lot of sponsors for this great cause. Then a brave few put their bodies on the line and in woodvale cricket club anyone could buy a wax strip and remove a strip of hair of one of the guys. Though painful, this was a huge success in raising a substantial sum for this great charity and was also great fun in the process.

Images of the event can be viewed in our albums

Pretty N Pink

Sunday 27th September, a 22nd select played Ligoniel at Solitude in memory of Mary Wasson with all proceeds going to pretty n pink breast cancer charity.

The game kicked off at a packed Solitude with the crowd getting a rare glimpse of W.Cheung playing as a lone striker and the 100th comeback of B.Kirker. All 4 teams from within the club were represented.

The game started with Ligoniel on the front foot and the impressive R.Miller making a string of fine saves. The 22nd defended resolutely but on 30 minutes, a 5 minute spell of madness, saw Ligoniel run in 3 quick goals. But the 22nd composed themselves and W.Cheung (claiming it was a shot) crossed from 25 yards and the ball bounced of the bar with the keeper stranded. 

With the back 5 under a lot of pressure and thanks to Frankie and Dougies tireless efforts, they managed to keep it to 3-0 to the break.

The 2nd half started badly for the 2's with Ligoniel scoring within 2 minutes. 

Then a pivotal moment. Brownlee whipped in a wicked free kick with W.Cheung getting on the end and the Ligoniel keeper making a great save only to see B.Kirker rampaging into to box to drive an "unstoppable" shot into the roof of the net. The crowd of 15 went mad as this is a true collectors item. 

But credit to Ligoniel they kept up the passing and pressure, putting the 22nd to the sword with 3 more goals before the referee showed mercy and blew for full time.

Paul Forbes of Ligoniel WMC thanked everyone for their participation in this very worth while charitable event. With B.Kirker responding, thanking Ligoniel for the invite and to wish them well for the season.

22nd Select XI:  R.Miller C.Douglas F.Robinson N.Martin Thomas B.Kirker C.Lindores S.Brownlee S.Vance C.Wynne W.Cheung

Click image above to watch video

Take 5 is a Huge Success

Saturday, 22nd August,  Woodvale Park

Take 5 For Wellbeing Cup 

This past Saturday saw the 22nd Old Boy's hold the inaugural Take 5 For Wellbeing Cup tournament at Woodvale Park. This cross community tournament was created to raise awareness of mental health through football. With help from FASA, TAMHI, IFA, Belfast City Council, Coca Cola, Hope For Youth, Shankill Womens Centre, Carl Morrison photography and Woodvale Cricket Club, the 22nd Old Boy's put together a family fun day and football tournament. There were bouncy castles and face painting for the kiddies. 

It was great to see Dame Mary Peters CH, DBE up at the event mucking in helping the agencies set up and giving the boys a bit of craic.

Roberta from FASA, doing hourly walks for depression round the park, was great for engaging those not involved with football. 

Thankfully the weather was kind to us and a great and successful day was had by all involved. 

On the football side of things 8 teams competed. 22ndA, 22ndB, 2ndB, Westland, Ballykeel, Rockathletic, New Santos & Belfast Deaf Utd. The football ran really well with all teams competing very hard to emerge from the groups.

Shock winners of group A were 2ndB with runners up Rock Athletic. Group B winners Ballykeel with runners up New Santos. 

In the Semi-finals another shock. 2ndB won 1-0 v New Santos, the under dogs were in the final. In the other Semi-final no such story as the impressive Ballykeel ran out 4-0 winners over a tiring Rock Athletic. Then the final. A story of 2 saves. The Ballykeel centre forward headed the ball towards the top corner only for 2ndB keeper to pull of a world class save. At the other end the young 22nd U17's keeper helping out the keelers as their keeper got called to work, making a great save to deny 2ndB a winner. 

To penalties. 2 each then saw Ballykeel blaze a penalty wide and up stepped a 2ndB player to win the under dogs the cup. 2ndB (wee Bootle st) never conceded a goal throughout the entire tournament and were very worthy winners. 

 Player of the tournament Stephen Telford ( 2ndB) 

 Fasa moment of the tournament Darren Cummings ( Ballykeel ) 

 Top goal scorer Daniel Arbuthnot (2ndB) 

After the presentations were made, everyone retired to Woodvale CC for some food and refreshments. This ended what was a very good day both on and off the field of play hopefully with people taking away some knowledge arround mental health services in the Shankill area. 

We hope this to be an annual tournament ran every year around the end of August.

An injustice to Dyllan Hunter

Recently one of our players originally from South Africa was faced with deportation in what truly was a stunning injustice. Having went to the media and politicians, Dyllan Hunter's family faced the real possibility that this may well happen. As a club player, Dyllan has been with us for 5 years and is one of the nicest guys you could meet.

As a club we decided we should help as much as we can. We ran a fundraiser to help with the families spiraling legal fees and we set up an online petition through the clubs welfare officer which gathered over 7500 signatures. We at 22nd, know this to be a small contribution but felt we had to show our support for Dyllan and his family. The support he recieved not only from witin the club but from outside of it (teams he plays against from all parts of the community) was truly outstanding and inspirational.

His fight continues but he recently got his national insurance number back which is a positive step and has allowed Dyllan to get back to work. Something he has never shied away from.

Welcome Back Baffer

The club, after many years, would like to welcome back Gary Larkin.

Gary who played for the 22nd in his younger days brings with him a wealth of invaluable youth team coaching experience from his time coaching at Shankill Juniors.

Gary was out of football for some time having suffered a stroke.

Recently he contacted the club after hearing we were setting up a youth team to offer his services. The club were only to happy to welcome Gary back to were he started his football many years ago and I am sure he will fit once again straight back into the 22nd family where his vast knowledge and experience will, I'm sure, prove invaluable.

Safe Talk Suicide Awareness

22nd completed Safe Talk training through FASA on Shankill Road. Big thank you to Roberta Coates for training the guys. It was a very worth while course for all who attended.

The Suicide awareness course was attended by both coaching staff and players.

In attendance were first team manager Brian Kirker and assistant manager Philip McWilliams as well as Youth team manager William Simpson.

The playing staff were represented by club Captain Jacky Burrows, Curtis Wynne, Matt Shaw, Neil McAneney, Matthew Hall, Andrew McCrea and William Cheung