22nd Old Boys & Ladies FC   

" Tutam Ac Firmam, "

Match Reports


BDFL Div 4

Saturday 10th October 2020
BDFL Div 4

Bootle Street ll 3-3 22nd Old Boys lll 

22nd kicked off the game and straight away Douglas was sent down the right and his cross found Parkinson and his header hitting the crossbar. The 2s continued to press Bootle st back and a few more chances weren't taken,  much to the frustration off manager Baffer. As they could have been about 3 up in the 1st 20mins, but that was to come back to haunt them when Bootle st got a free kick 20 yards out. The kick was tame and it fell to hunter who tried to clear it with the left foot only to put it in his own net, 1-0 yer lets for standing on Dyllan. As the half went on the 2s were getting frustrated they couldn't get the goal they deserved but on 40mins Irvine broke the off side trap 1 on 1 with the keeper he cheekly chipped it over him but it wasn't hard enough, he ran past the keeper who was trying to haul him back but Irvine wasn't having any of it and tapped the ball into the net,  1-1. 

Team talk was simple they had to take there chances and be more ruthless in front off goal. 2nd half saw the 2s create chances but couldn't convert and again paid the price a stupid tackle by Collins saw a free kick awarded a tame shot that crept into the corner, 2-1. Straight away Hunter was took off through injury and replaced by Bradford 5 mins later Bootle got a corner and scored manager Baffer couldn't  believe what was happening. On 60mins another injury saw Dougan come off and replaced by Robinson  and the 2s changing formation with Irvine up front with Douglas. As the clock was ticking away the 2s were dealt another blow with mcbride injured and no other subs left the 2s had to play the last 12mins with 10 men and 3-1 down this afternoon can't get any worst. But on 82mins Irvine broke clear 1 on 1 with the keeper he calmly slotted the ball into the net giving the 2s hope. The 2s with there heads up were going for it then on 85mins mcauley picked up the ball on the half way line and ran at Bootle st  beat 1 beat 2 then 3 and as the keeper came out he slide the ball into the net much to the relief off manager Baffer 3-3. The 2s with there tails up continued to attack but couldn't get that winning goal. Ft 3-3

C.Leckey S.Bell D.Hunter C.Mcbride A.Collins J.Parkinson R.Black A.Dougan M.Irvine J.Mcauley R.Douglas 

Subs.C.Bradford J.Hegan E.Robinson
Saturday 3rd October 2020
BDFL Div 4

22nd Old Boys lll 3-0 North Utd 

Today the 2's made a return to the BDFL against North Utd at Grove playing fields. The game started with North on the front foot, pressing the 2's at every opportunity further back into there 18. Tackles were made headers were won and when they did finally get through there was 5ft 6inch Leckey to stop them. A real backs to the wall effort and everyone played their part in keeping us level. As the match went on the 2's had a couple off half changes. With the half time whistle  about to blow Leckey pulled off a text book save tipping the ball onto the bar, thank goodness he's 5ft 6.

ht 0-0.Team talk was simple they got the Baffer hairdryer speech followed up by big Matt.

2nd half started and the speech was working. We were pressing North back and a through ball down the right saw Wilson latch onto it. With manager shouting square greedy balls ! Wilson shot from 20 yards the keeper dived to his right  but could only parry it and there was auld Ross Douglas there to tap the ball home 1-0 22nd.The 2's brought on fresh legs with black and McAuley replacing Douglas and Lindores who give their all. The 2's continued to press forward and a through ball sent Irvine away he made no mistake sliding the ball into the corner off the net 2-0. North continued to create chances but were met by the 2's defence who again held firm.15 to go manager Baffer shut up shop replacing Irvine with Bell. With 10 minutes to go the 2's got a free kick  the ball was lofted into the 18 were black controlled it on his chest and bang shot into the bottom corner giving the North keeper no chance 3-0 game over and the 3 points. Baffer 'Grubenfurher Mourinho' Larkin gets off to a winning start to the new season. 

C.Leckey C.Mcbride A.Collins (capt) D.Hunter  C.Bradford R.Larkin C.Lindores J.Parkinson M.Irvine S.Wilson R.Douglas

Subs. R.Black J.McAuley S.Bell

SAFL Div 1

Saturday 8th February 2020
Safl Div 1
Woodvale park

22nd Old Boys lll 1-0 Newtown Forest lll

The 2s were back to league action and a must 3 points required to extend their lead at the top. The game kicked with a gale blowing but the 2s were on the front foot and quickly put  pressure on the forest defence. So much so their defender tried to play the ball across the penalty area were he found TOMMY BELL who said thanks very much and tapped the ball into the net 1nil 22nd. The 2s continued to pass the ball at will giving the forest players the run around but when it came to the 18 poor passing and shooting  kept it 1 nil at HT.

Team talk was simple use the wing backs more get the crosses in and goals will come. Second half started much the same with the 2s controlling the game but some players were hogging the ball. The Grupenfuher bBaffer let the players no he wanted quicker passing to open up the newtown defence who were camped in there 18. With the score still 1 nil the 2s made a sub taking off that's my boy  Larkin and replacing him with Irvine 5 mins later still no joy the 2s made a double substitution coming off Tommy -Eddie and coming on Adams-Megarry.  Coming on to add a bit off pace. But on 70 mins seedsy picked up a yellow 5 mins later 2nd yellow so down to 10 men the 2s had to change shape. So with 20 minutes to go and with 10 men the 2s saw out the game very well and got those 3 valuable points.

J.O'Grady N.Martin S.Bell D.Hunter C.McBride R.Larkin M.Seeds M.Davies E.Gilmore S.Wilson T.Bell 

Subs M.Irvine J.Adams S.Megarry.

Saturday 1st February 2020
Supplementary Plate 
Group B
Woodvale Park
Bootle St 0-1 22nd Old Boys lll

The message was simple from coach Baffer nothing but 3pts would do and nothing to be left on pitch 100 percent effort and commitment was required by all players. Grupenfurher coach baffer decided 3-5-2 it was a gamble as the 2s usually go 4-4-2 but he had a plan. The match kicked off in windy condition and both teams found it hard to get the ball down and string 2 passes together. But it was the 2s who had the 1st chance when the ball was played down the right and as it was crossed over "glory hunter ADAMS" stretched for it but the ball hit the crossbar that was the closes the 2s came in the 1st half, ht0-0.

Team talk was simple get the ball down and pass it dont be playing there football by just lumping it. Second half started with the 2s passing and moving and on 60mins the 2s got the goal they deserved. Lovely passing down the right which ended up in the ball being squared to Wilson who controlled it just outside the box,  wallop the ball flew into the corner off the net, 1-0 22nd. Bootle St tryed hard to break down the 2s but hunter, bell and martin were standing firm. On 80mins Bootle St thought they had scored when a cross found there striker whose header was heading into the corner off the net but NO SURRENDER JOE was having none off it and tipped it round the post for me 1 off the best saves ive seen (high praise indeed from the Grupenfurher. Ft Bootle St 0-1 22nd Old Boys lll

J.OGrady N.Martin(c) S.Bell D.Hunter M.Irvine C.McBride M.Seeds D.Watters J.Parkinson J.Adams S.Wilson⚽️ 

C.Bradford G.Watson L.McCready.
Saturday 18th January 2020
Safl Div 1
Woodvale Park

Bootle St 2-2 22nd Old Boys lll

Woodvale Park was the venue for 1st v 2nd in the league, the 2s knew a win would put them in control off the league. The whistle blew with bootle hitting a long ball into the 2s box but was easily picked up by Joe. His long kick saw it bounce over the defenders head were Jay ran unto as it bounced again and the keeper coming he calmly nicked it over his head and into the net, 1 nil great start. The 2s continued to control the game and it wasn't long before they made it 2 again the goal scorer Jay. Bootle didn't no what hit them and there defence was all over the place, another long kick by Joe sent Jay away again but at the final moment his legs got tangled up. 5mins later he was through on goal again but screwed his shot wide off the post. 10mins before half time Spencer broke into the box and was brought down ref awarded a penalty up stepped Spencer to take the kick only for the keeper to save but it came straight back to him but the ball got stuck under his feet and he poked the ball toward goal but the keeper saved with his feet, ht 2-0.

The 2s had to make there 1st sub as beller had to come off a reshuffle in defence and the 2s were ready. The 2nd half started with bootle pressing looking for a goal to get them back into the game and they got it terrible marking saw the bootle player have a free header, 2-1 and game on. That inspired bottle st and they continued to attack but were leaving gaps at the back.Another bottle attack saw Joe pull off a wonder save 5 mins later another save With 20mins to go Spencer got injured enter the fray TEAM FEE PAY MCCOMISH. With the 2s clinging onto there lead as bottle attacked but were kept at bay by Joe in the 2s net with 10 to go a long throw into the 2s box and there was a bootle player to put it in, 2-2. The 2s held on for the point and still top off the league.

Team J.OGrady  N.Martin S.Bell C.Mcbride C.Bradford M.Seeds D.Watters Spence J.Rowan M.Irvine J.Meikle 

Subs T.McComish G.Watson L.McCready
Saturday 11th January 2020
Supplementary Plate
Woodvale park 

22nd Old Boys lll 2-3 Fc United ll

Because off injuries and players unavailable, the 2s had to  go for youth players in this match and they didn't disappoint. Young James Hegan making his debut for the seniors. The match kicked off and the young 2s settled straight away passing and shouting at the senior players. But on 18mins Fc took the lead a stupid tackle from Spencer resulted in a free kick 30 yards out, as the player hit into the box everyone moved out off the way and it found the net! terrible defending and goal. That's the way it stayed till half time, 1-0 Fc United 

The team talk was simple senior players needed to buck up there ideas, they couldn't leave it all to the kids. 2nd half started and the 2s drew level great strike by lindores 1-1. But within 3mins fc took the lead another stupid goal, 2-1. Then 2mins after that another great strike by lindores made it 2-2. The 2s were on top but fell a sleep with 15mins to go, a throw to the fc player who imo was a cross flew over leckeys head into the top corner 3-2 ft. A very unlucky result but on a positive note great to see the young players again showing their potential and pressing through into senior football. 

C.Leckey N.Martin S.Bell D.Hunter C.Lindores D.Watters Spence L.McCready D.Hydeman J.Hegan C.Bradford.

J.OGrady D.Karim J.Close
Saturday 14th September 2019
22nd Old Boys lll 3-3 Bootle Street 

As usual no ref for this game as bootle were there away they ref it . We all new it was going to a long 90mins playing against 12 men. Game kicked off with both teams playing 90 mile an hour football but not stringing 2 passes together. The 2s settled 1st and with fractured foot Wilson up front it was only time before they scored and on 15mins Wilson ran from his own half and slotted the ball passed the keeper, 1 nil. The 2s continued to press forward looking for the 2nd they nearly got it when Wilson controlled the ball outside the box before trying to curl it into the top corner, but it was inches wide. 5mins later the 2s put the ball in the net when Wilson broke clear down the right his low cross found the in coming Pea to tap the ball in but the ref gave outside  W.D.F. Then on 35mins with the 2s defence calling for off side even the striker new he was at least 10yards offside stopped but with no whistle he hit the ball into the net, 1-1 HT.

2nd half started with the 2s pressing forward and on 60mins Wilson grabbed his 2nd goal off the game. 5mins later it was 3-1 baby toots on the score sheet. It was all 22nd and on 70mins Meikle won another tackle drove forward then played a lovely ball down the line were irvine crossed and Wilson using every neck muscle got his head to it only for the ball to go inches wide. Then 10 mins off questionable refereeing, when the bootle forward hit the ball straight at the 2s defender who was 2yards away ref gave pen 3-2. 5mins later McBride hit the ball out as Meikle was lying in the box in agony instead off throwing the ball back as it was kicked out as a player was injured they threw the ball into the box were it was met by there striker who headed it into the net, 3-3, sportsmanship at its best. With the clock ticking away to 47mins coach larkin asked ref how long he going to play or was it goal the winner ? He replied the match on the other pitch started the same as ours and they are still playing fair point but i told him, but they were playing a cup game and they were playing extra time ! oh i didn't no, there line shouting there's 7mins left coach larkin lost it, it was now 52mins played when the ref blew 3-3.

C.Leckey J.Dunwoody C.McBride D.Hunter D.Watters R.Spence J.Meikle M.Irvine J.Parkinson S.Wilson A.Patterson 

Subs N.Fitzsimons W.Devlin L.McCready
Saturday 7th September 2019
Knocktonagh ll 2-3 22nd Old Boys lll

The 2s started their league campaign with a very young side apart from "TEAM FEE PAY McCOMISH". The 2s kicked off the match and within 2mins were 1 nil up, a threw ball by fitzsy found bell who got to the ball before the keeper and tapped into the net great start, 1-0. The 2s continued to go forward but every time a ball was played through they were offside main culprit, bell who must have been offside at least 20 times in the 1st half. The boys worked hard to get a second but both teams cancelled each other out to the half, 1-0 22nd HT.

The 2nd half started with the 2s going forward but like the 1st half always offside ! This time it was Irvine must have swapped shirts with bell lol. But on 55 mins they did break clear down the right when McBride ran clear with the keeper coming out McBride chipped him for a cheeky goal to make it 2 nil. 5mins later it was 3 nil, whiteside with the goal. The 2s were in total control and made changes but with 20mins to go knocktonagh scored, 3-1. The 2s continued to go forward and created chance after chance. This half bell managed to stayed onside but must have missed at least half a dozen clear goal chances. With 10mins left another mistake and the score 3-2 now, but the 2s seen out the last 10mins to claim the 3 points on the opening day of the season.

C.Leckey C.Bradford D.Miller McComish C.Mcbride M.Irvine K.McBride C.Whiteside N.fitzsimons A.Patterson T.Bell

Subs S.Pollock C.Moore A.Dougan.

SAFL Div 2

Saturday 16th March 2019

Whiteside Cup 

Group B 

22nd Old Boys lll 7-3 Glenavy lll

The 2's went into the game knowing a win would put them in the SF. The game kicked off with 2's pressing from the start and it didn't take long to open there account. The 2's were awarded a free kick just outside the 18, up stepped Clarke Bacon the better twin to curl the ball over the wall and into the net 1 nil perfect start. The 2's continued to press forward and after avoiding a few tackles Burrows slid the ball to larkin who placed the ball  passed the keeper 2 nil it was all 22nd. It didn't take the 2's long to grab there 3rd when another free kick was awarded same outcome again Clarke Bacon grabbing his 2nd off the match, 3-0 and looking in control. Then the 2's took the foot off the pedal when Maha played a blind ball which sent the glenavy forward away one on one, he rounded the keeper to make it 3-1. Then 5 minutes later it was 3-2 when a cross from the right found the glenavy striker who headed it home wake up call for the 2's. The 2's continued to go forward and a square ball out to the right to larkin who took a touch 25 yards out  and walloped it into the other corner off the net giving the keeper no chance, 4-2. Joe then made a great save diving down to his left to keep the 2 goal advantage. As the game was approaching ht burrows had a chance with the keeper beat by the bounce burrows chased the ball as it was about to go out burrows stretched out a leg only to see the ball hit the post. But the 2's did score and it was that man Bacon again grabbing his hat trick when he followed up a Curtis free kick, 5-2. Ht.

The 2's began the 2nd half on the front foot with Larkin, Bacon and Irvine causing the glenavy defence all sorts off problems and with Vance, Burrows and Breen controlling the midfield it was all 2's. With 55mins gone the 2's made 2 subs with Fitzsy and new signing Aiso replacing Bacon and Nesbitt. On 65 minutes glenavy grabbed a 3rd from the penalty spot when the ball came off breen leg and hit his arm soft pen, 5-3. 2's made another sub with Dean Larkin replacing Burrows. Then on 70 minutes the 2's were reduced to 10 men with Fitzimmons receiving a 2nd yellow for decent. This gave Glenavy a boost and who had chances  to score only for the 2's keeper pulling off some fine saves. The 2's were holding onto there 2 goal lead and on 80mins the 2's broke forward.trick. The 2s weren't finished and a cross field ball by Irvine found Larkin on the right who beat his man and a perfect cross found the in coming Dean Larkin who headed the ball into the net, 6-3. There was just time for Michael to see a shot saved by the keepers leg the ball bounced nicely for larkin to loft the ball over the keepers head to make it 7-2 and also his hat trick, 7-3 ft.

J.OGrady C.Nesbitt N.Mawhinney  C.McBride C.Jarvis J.Burrows S.Vance B.Breen M.Irvine R.Larkin Clarke Bacon. 

Subs P.Aiso D.Larkin N.fitzimmons

Saturday 10th November 2018
SAFL Div 2
Warren YM lll 2-4 22nd Old Boys lll

Before the match both teams held a minutes silence to remember those men who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. 

The game started as usual the 2s went straight on the attack with Irvine, Adams and Larkin using their pace against an ageing over weight Warren back-line. The first chance fell to Adams but he dragged his shot wide off goal. The 2s continued to boss the game playing some nice football from back to front but for all there pressure couldn't make the break threw. They were dealt a sucker punch when Warren  scored a scrappy goal, 1-0 Warren. Another game the young 2s had to come from behind. 10mins later rb McBride picked the ball up and ran 30 yards making his way into the box and put in a low cross in and there was Adams 2 yards out to tap the ball into the net, 1-1. The 2s continued to attack and on 44mins a threw ball found Adams who ran clear and slotted the ball into the corner off the net, 1-2 Ht.

The 2nd half started with the 2s trying to add to there lead and yet again were dealt a sucker punch when "Gary Wilson sporting a pair off golden boots from the 60s "flicked a ball over the 2s defence for there cf who scored, 2-2. The next 10 mins became scrappy but on 55mins Adams broke clear and slotted the ball into the net for his hat trick, 3-2. 5mins later the 2s scored again, a back pass to the Warren keeper saw baby toots chase down and poke the ball passed the keeper who tried to haul him down  but BABY TOOTS wasn't going to be caught he wanted his 1st goal and he got it, 2-4. Then the fun started Warren tried to kick the young 2s off the pitch but not only can this young team play football they can mix it, when Warren kicked them they kicked them even harder which saw 7 yellow cards for the 2s.The game was all 2s now giving Warren the run around with there passing . On 65mins Warren were reduced to 10 men when there cm took out Nesbitt with a terrible challenge it was obvious he was fed up running about trying to get the ball off the 2s. With 25 mins left the 2s made 3 changes with a min to go a threw ball to Kirk Black saw his shot to hot to handle for the keeper as the ball clearly was over the line the keeper nearly pulling the net down pushed the ball out, unfortunately they ref didn't award the goal. FT Warren 2-4 22nd lll 

T.McComish C.Nesbitt A.Mawhinney C.McBride K.Sheenan R.Black N.Fitzimons M.Irvine R.Larkin W.Devlin J.Adams. 

Subs L.McCready J.Dunwoody K.Black
M.O.M does'nt stand for man of match but MOAN OF MATCH
Saturday 3rd November 2019
SAFL Div 2
Woodvale park 
22nd Old Boys lll 3-2 Rock athletic ll

Having played Rock 2 weeks before the 2s knew it was going to be another tough match, in fact it was 11 new players Rock athletic had. The 2s kicked off the match playing some lovely 1 touch passes giving Rock the run around, a few half chances came with Larkin and Adams failing to hit the target. It was Rock on 32mins who went 1-0 up when the 2s failed to clear the ball inside their box and there was the Rock player to prod it home, 1-0 Rock and hopefully a wake up call for 2s. ht 1-0.

The mesage was simple from management keep on playing the football and the goals will come. The 2nd half started with the 2s attacking, chances came and went and Rock were holding on. But on 55mins the 2s were dealt a blow when centre back Hunter had to come off. The 2s reshuffled there team with "1 GAME A WEEK MATTY IRVINE" coming on and it took just 5mins for Irvine to find the net when a through ball found irvine who calmly slotted the ball into the corner off the net, 1-1. The game began to open up but the 2s were leaving big gaps in the midfield trying to get there 2nd goal, but were caught out when a threw ball saw the Rock midfielder break clear only to be fouled. Freekick was awarded, which saw the Rock player shot pushed onto the post by Butler only for the ball to rebound to the incoming rock player who tapped the ball in to the net past Butler, 2-1. This didn't deter the young 2s they kept on attacking and within 5mins got there 2nd but all i seen was the ball in the net, 2-2 because "William MOKE Devlin" was moaning why he was took off defo whinger off the year BRIAN KIRKER. With the clock running down the 2s kept going forward looking that goal and 3pts with the ref saying 1min a ball down the line saw baby toots run onto. Everyone gasped could he score ? his shot was saved by the keeper but the ball came back to him but before he could get another shot in the defender brought him down... ref deemed a penalty ! As baby toots picked himself up he put the ball up his jumper saying 'MAKERS TAKERS" but manager SILVER-BACK told him to give the ball to Larkin surely this was the last chance for the 2s ? As larkin stepped up and put the ball into the corner off the net 3-2 ref blew whistle FT. A great result for the 22nd showing fight and character to snatch a late winner.

J.Butler C.Chism C.McBride D.Hunter A.Mawhinney M.Irvine J.Clarke R.Larkin J.Adams R.Black W.Devlin

Subs Matty Irvine N.Fitzsimons K.Sheehan.
Saturday 20th October 2018
SAFL Div 2
Rock athletic ll 1-2 22nd Old Boys lll

As usual no ref and it was left to assistant Baffer to be the man in the middle. The game kicked off with the 2s controlling the game some lovely 1 touch passing and rock running about like headless chickens trying to get the ball off the young 2s. From the 2s 1st corner came the opening goal as the ball was floated in the rock defender headed it straight to "THE FITZ" just outside the 18 were it was controlled on the chest and as it bounced he side footed the ball over the keepers head and into the net, what a way to score your 1st goal, 1-0. The 2s continued to press looking for the 2nd goal. A few chances fell there way but were squandered. Finally rock woke up and had a few chances on goal but they could"nt beat the silver-back in nets. Then rock broke clear down the right, the 2s defence shouted the ball was out but the ref played on. The ball was played into the penalty box were McBride's clearance fell to Black who sent a lovely ball to Larkin who's 1st touch knocked the ball passed the defender and with his 2nd buried the ball into the corner off the net giving the keeper no chance, 2-0. Rock players were moaning that the ball was out at the other end off the pitch yeah if you had a scored you wouldn't have said the ball was out, 2-0. ht. 

The 2s continued to create chances but it was rock who scored a scramble in the box saw there player miss kick the ball but it rolled into the net, 2-1. This gave Rock a bit off fight and they were the ones more likely to score, they were creating a few chances on goal but the silver-back was always there. But on 80 mins the rock forward broke clear and fired a shot in which was heading for the top corner only for the" flying SILVER-BACK"to touch it round the post and deny a certain goal and save the day. ft 2-1.

TEAM- T.McComish C.McBride N.Mawhinney C.Annesley D.Cully R.Black N.Fitzsimons M.Irvine R.Larkin A.Dougan J.aAdams 

Subs K.Sheenan W.Devlin C.Chism
M.O.M THE REF 10/10

Saturday 13th October 2018
Ironside Cup 1st rd 
Rock Athletic 3-2 22nd Old Boys lll

Well today saw the 3rds take a very young side to the 1st round off the cup, infact 9 off the starting team were 20 and under. The match kicked off and straight away Rock got a corner were their player got up highest and headed the ball into the net 1-0. This was awake up call for the 2s and they began to get into the game with some lovely 1 touch passing, only for fitzy to mess it up all the time. But on 23mins some lovely football saw baby toots score, 1-1. The 2s continued to control the game again, some lovely passing saw baby toots race clear down the left and as he made his way into the 18 yard box he tried to place his shot into the corner only for the keeper to get a finger to it which saw the ball hit the post and straight into the keepers hands. The 2s had a couple off chances to go in front but it was Rock who took the lead when they were awarded a free kick 20 yards out. The shot was like a back pass but as hole in the glove BUTLER bent down to save it it went threw his glove and legs, 2-1 Rock. The half came to a close with Rock 2-1 up in a very close game. 

Team talk was simple keep doing wat your doing and the goals will come.

Straight away the young 2s went at rock attack after attack and they got their reward when Larkin passed in field to Dougie who played a lovely threw ball to Adams who ran on and smashed the ball passed the keeper, 2-2 game on. There were shots being fired in by both teams from all angles but neither couldn't beat the keepers who were making saves after saves. But with 10mins left the Rock midfielder picked the ball up 25 yards out and fired a shot which flew over butlers head into the top corner of the net, 3-2 (we're where those heels Butler). The 2s were unlucky 2 mins later when Larkin found himself on the left, he cut inside the rock defender and tried to place his shot into the corner only for another rock defender to get his toe to it and knock it to safety. Then 2mins later Larkin this time on the right skipped passed the Rock player and fired a shot from 20 yards only for the keeper to tip it over the bar. With time running out big Daniel hit a ball all off 50 yards to the back post, as the ball bounced in came baby toots...but he was to small as the ball went over his head. With a min to go Jordy Adams was put through bearing down on goal with Blacky squealing for the ball as he would have had a empty net but greedy Adams went for goal and skyed it. Ref blew the whistle after that. Ft 22nd Old Boys lll 2-3 Rock Athletic

J.Butler  K.Sheehan  M.McAllister J.Young  C.McBride R.Larkin R.Black A.Dougan M.Irvine J.Adams N.Fitzsimons 

Subs D.Karim W.Devlin L.McCreed
Saturday 22nd September 2018
SAFL Div 2
22nd Old Boys lll 4-3 Ballysillan Swifts lll 

Well before the match coach "BAFFER" gave the team talk while "MANAGER BEANBAG" sat and listened it was simple 3pts were a must. Especially as the Swifts would be looking revenge for us beating them in last seasons cup final. 

The match kicked off with the 2s looking a bit nervous, with Ballysillan creating a few half chances in the 1st 10mins but it was the 2s who took the lead on 15mins. When Ross Douglas ran on to a sloppy back pass from the ballysillan defender, with the keeper coming Douglas got there 1st to round the him and stick it in the empty net 1-0 (pity he hadnt of done that in cup final). Ballysillan didn't take long to draw level, when the ball fell to the Ballysillan player just inside the box and it was dispatched into the roof off the net 1-1. 5mins later the 2s created a chance, a threw ball saw Carter 'streaky"Bacon run on as he knocked the ball passed the gk and then run round Ballysillan keeper but out off no where the ballysillan defender knocked the ball for a corner. 2mins later another threw ball to bacon saw him run onto it round the keeper and into the net 2-1. The 2s were starting to control the match from back to front and it didn't take them long to go 3-1 up. When a threw ball by beattie saw Adams run clear but as he got into the box he started to walk what was he waiting on a "Silverstream bus' but calmly as you like, a few more steps and the ball was in the net. BS defence couldn't cope with the pace  off bacon, larkin, Adams and with Thompson and beattie pulling the strings in midfield and chism keeping his young defence on there toes it was only a matter off time before it was 4. Larkin fed Thompson who lobed the ball over the BS defence and there was bacon to make it 4 and grab his 2ndHT 4-1.

The 2nd half got underway with the 2s missing a few chances and it was BS who scored. When a low cross came in and the bs player got his toe to it to make it 4-2. The 2s continued to create chances but couldn't get it passed the Ballysillan keeper as he was in inspired form. Then with 5mins left JORDAN"Hole in the glove'BUTLER " pulled off a wonder save. As the ball headed towards the top corner butler took off like superman to his left and tipped the ball round the post. To be honest he could have caught it i think he forgot the video man didn't turn up today. Then with a min to go a corner from bs saw them score 4-3. The boys remained calm and saw out the remaining minutes to take all 3 points which they thoroughly deserved. Ft 22nd Old Boys lll 4-3 Ballysillan Swifts lll

J.Butler J.Mckimm C.Chism J.Rowan N.Mawhinney J.Thompson L.Beattie R.Larkin J.Adams R.Douglas Carter Bacon

D.Larkin W.Devlin M.Irvine.
Saturday 15th September 2018
SAFL Div 2
22nd Old Boys lll 3-4 Bootle St 

THE SILVERBACK took the whistle today as there was no referee. Within 5mins Bootle St scored a goal which was given even though there forward was at least 10yards offside. VAR would have sorted that out as the Silverback is obviously blind. With the game being restarted spud picked up the ball beat 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 players and put the ball in the net, 1-1(imagine what he could achieve if fat spud trained). On the 15min mark Bootle broke away down the right, the ball was played into the 2s box. Were the 2s defender played the ball back only for butler to catch it. Ref awarded indirect freekick 5yards out with the 2s along the goal line some how the ball squirmed into the net, 2-1. Within 2mins the 2s were awarded a pen when larkin beat there defender only to have his shirt near pulled off his back, with the bootle st players in his face saying he dived he grabbed the ball for the pen and his shot was saved. The bootle st players crowded round larkin mouthing off. That didn't deter larkin when a cross field ball was took on his chest and buried into the corner off the net, 2-2. Bootle st were still mouthing till the ref and when his back was turned there defender kicked larkin off the ball, with big BAFFER going onto the  pitch to confront the idiot, he then decided to square up to the silverback. The whole situation was calmed down when the handbags were put away. Bootle scored again when a low shot beat butler who went down as if he was shot to his left, even his granda said he should have saved it, 3-2HT.

The 2nd half started with the 2s trying to draw level pushing Bootle back into there own final third but we couldnt get the goal we sought. On 20min with the 2s playing the ball out from the back the ball came to" COLLINS" who has a touch like an elephant and there was the bootle player to shoot and score 4-2. The 2s chasing the game threw Adams upfront and within 5mins scored to make it 4-3. Try as much as they could, couldn't get the equaliser, Ft 22nd III 3-4BOOTLE ST.

J.Butler A.Collins N.Mawhinney C.Nesbitt J.Adams J.Thompson N.Fitzsimons R.Larkin R.Douglas M.Irvine R.Black

W.Devlin D.Mckee K.Sheehan

SAFL Div 2

Wednesday 30th May 2018
Whiteside Cup Final
Dunmurry Rec
22nd Old Boys lll 3-2 Ballysillan Swifts lll

The boys travelled to Dunmurry to contest the Whiteside Cup against local rivals Ballysillan. The 22nd kicked off in bright sunshine and straight away got the ball on the deck knocking it about. Some nice play down the 22nd left saw the ball cut back to young James who cut inside steadied himself and slotted the ball into the corner, 1-0 22nd. Minutes later the 2's extended their lead when a great through ball saw Graeme round the keeper and roll the ball into the empty net, 2-0 22nd and a great start. The 22nd were in a great position but unfortunately it didn't last. First Cheung made a diving save which he over dramatized for the cameras. Minutes later 22nd gave away a soft free kick at the edge of the box. Up stepped Swifts player who smashed the ball round the wall and beyond the diving Cheung to make it 2-1. The 22nd kicked off and a great ball over the right back by Ryan released Greame again who sublimely chipped the keeper to restore the 2 goal cushion and put the 2's 3-1 up. What a start to the game ! It then started to settle down with it turning into a battle in midfield and both teams probing to try and get another goal. Mark, Graeme and James were causing alsorts of problems for the Ballysillan back 4. At the other end once Smooch had finished falling over himself the 22nd back 4 looked solid. It stayed that way to half time. 3-1 22nd HT.

At half time the guys were told to keep working,  believe in yourselves and leave it all on the pitch and you will win this cup.

Second half started with as expected Swifts coming out fast looking to get back in the game but some good defending and hard work kept them at bay. Both sides missed chances and none was worse than Ross's miss. On as a substitute he intercepted a poor back pass, rounded the keeper, with the net at his mercy he decided he was going to do a centre half impression and clear his lines. Miss of the season ! Both teams kept up a relentless pace with Cheung doing his best to slow it down by lying on the ball at every opportunity. Time was ticking on and it was the 7 minute of stoppages (Yes the 7th minute in a game with no injuries) when a trade mark Jacky tackle gave away a free kick some 20 yards out. Up stepped Swifts player to smash the ball through the wall into the net to make it 3-2. Squeaky bum time especially as the ref played another 2 minutes of injury time. But the final whistle was greeted with relief and elation in equal measure.

2018 Whiteside Cup Winners 22nd Old Boys lll

W.Cheung D.McCrudden D.Bell G.Carson C.Jarvis J.Burrows R.McFarland A.Patterson G.Irvine J.Thompson M.Johnstone

R.Douglas S.Vance C.Lindores W.Devlin
Saturday 12th May 2018
Whiteside Cup Semi-final
The Rec
22nd Old Boys lll 4-1 Bootle St

The match kicked off with the 2s on the front foot and there 1st chance fell to Graeme Irvine but he shot straight at the keeper. The 2s continued to press forward creating chance after chance but failing to score .Then on 25mins Bootle st broke away down the right,  as the cross came over their forward all alone put his header over the bar, much to the the relief off the 22nd coaches, what a let off. That made the 2s kick into gear, still creating chances but failing to put any away the main culprit Graeme Irvine missing chance after chance 😂.But on 30 mins James Thompson picked up the ball 25 yards out beat 1 then 2 as he was about to pull the trigger he was tackled by at least 3 bootle st players this resulted on Thompson having to come off being replaced by Mark Johnstone, Ht 0-0.

The 2nd half started the way the 1st had ended with the 2s creating alsorts of chances but on 55mins the 2s were dealt a sucker punch when Bootle scored a cracking volley from 20 yards to make it 1 nil. The 2s now new they couldnt miss anymore chances and they didnt 10 mins later a break down the right the ball was played to Jacky Burrows who took his time to slot the ball into the net, 1-1 game on. The 2s were now on a high and 5mins later were awarded a pen after Mark was upended in the box, up stepped captain cool Jacky Burrows to make it 2-1. You could read the body language off the Bootle St players they knew they were beat. But on 70mins a header from a bottle street saw cheung dive to his left and pull off a wonder save to keep it 2-1. Then 5mins later at the other end a cross into the box saw Graeme Irvine control the ball the crowd held there breath could he score surely hes not going to miss another 1 and he didnt 3-1. The 2s continued to pepper the Bottle Street net looking for more goals and they got there fourth when another cross into the box as it bounced, there was Jarvis with a diving header to make it 4-1. The 22nd seen out the rest of the gsme without any further incident of note, Ft 4-1.

Saturday 3rd February 2017

SAFL Div 2

Woodvale park

22nd Old Boys lll 0-0 FC Lisburn ll

Today saw 2nd take on 3rd place and the 2s made a few changes after last week's dismal display. With the silverback Thomas McComish given 1 more game or face the chop as the axe hovers and pressure mounts.

The game kicked off and just like last week the 2s got there passing going. It was a joy to watch as fc tried to get a touch but the 2s were having none off it, everytime fc got the ball the 2s were in the faces getting it back. Then on 20mins a lovely through ball by Gilmore found Bell inside the 18 yard box Bell steadied himself side footed the ball past the goalkeeper only to see the ball go inches wide off the far post.The 2s continued to press but couldnt find that goal that there dominance deserved. But on 40mins the fc defender made his way down the right his cross was heading towards the top corner only for Dane to get a finger tip till it and pull off a brilliant save. Ht 0-0.

The 2s made a sub bringing off the tiring RYAN SIMMS who was replaced by Harvey the 2s changed formation going 4-4-2 and right away Harvey broke away down the right, his low cross into the box beat all the 2s players and was bundled away by the fc defence. The 2s continued to press again Harvey broke away 1 on 1 with the keeper he hit a tame shot and the keeper saved with his foot much to the dismay off laughie who was there for an easy tap in. You always get a moment were all you can do a is laugh and that happened in the 60min when the ref blew for offside the fc forward pushed Jono to the ground as jono lay face down in the muck he lifted a handful off muck as he got up he threw the muck straight at the fc forward smack direct hit to the face off the forward even the ref laughed. Then on 70mins fc hit the bar .As the 2s continued to try and look for that much needed goal they were awarded a freekick which Gilmore took but the keeper turned it over the bar. Unfortunately for the boys all their pressure couldn't get that decisive goa. Ft 22nd 0-0 fc united.


D.Maxwell J.Hamilton D.McCrudden C.Nesbitt A.Colins E.Gilmore C.Lindores T.Bell R.Simms L.Robinson A.Patterson

SUBS M.Harvey M.Johnston L.Nithsdale.

Saturday 27th January 2017

SAFL Div 2

Woodvale Park

22nd Old Boys lll 0-4 Lagan Swifts ll

After beating lagan swifts at the start off the season 7-0 surely this should be another 3pts for the 2s to continue there fine form this season.But after last week's close call the management told the players 3pts is needed and they would have to earn it.

So the match kicked off in terrible conditions with the wind playing a major part off the 2s play. The 2s were trying to force the ball with each pass was and as a result was either too long or to high. The 2s were having a hard time trying to adapt to the windy conditions its doesnt matter how much pocession you have you need to create chances and the 2s couldnt do it that and was there downfall as on 35mins lagan scored with there 1st attack the ball dropped to the lagan player who hit it under the diving mccann 0-1 .HT.

The 2s were given a few harse words at HT by the managenent if things didnt inprove after 10mins changes were going to be made.

2nd half got under way and it was the same as the 1st plenty off posession but creating nothing .1st sub was made robinson coming off for nithsdale on the wing and johnston moving to CF .Another 2 attacks another 2 goals for swifts this wasnt in the script, 3nil down with 10mins to go. Swifts got there 4th when mcgarry brought down there forward who took the pen 0-4 FT and an end to a disappointing display. Big Silver back under pressure next Saturday.

M.McCann J.Hamilton J.McKimm Megarry B.Morrison C.Douglas M.Johnston D.McCrudden E.White J.Thompson L.Robinson.

subs L.Nithsdale W.Devlin G.McCauley

Saturday 20th January 2017
Safl Div 2

Agape lll 0-1 22nd Old Boys lll

The last time these teams both met 22nd won 7-0 but last Sat agape beat Warren 3-1  who are top off the league. So that give the management team food for thought and tgey decided on a change in formation. They decided to  play  3-5-2 and it was our 1st time playing this way but we had a plan B if things were not going are way.

So the game kicked off with the 2s controlling the game from the start some lovely passing but the final 3rd off the pitch the 2s came up against a brick wall as agape had parked the bus from the start hopeing to get a brake away. But The back 3 of Curtis, Jono and Smooch looked assured and The wing backs playing their roll. Offside Laughie was unfortunate once or twice and Eddie wouldv been better with studs on his arse as he spent more time on it. The 2's continued to go forward with a few half chances missed but couldnt break down Agapes resolute defending, Ht 0-0.

The management decided to change formation with the defence under no presure in the 1st half it was decided a 3-4-3 was the way to go to try and get the 3points that all the possesion deserved.

Second half got underway like the 1st the 2s controlled the game from the start with the clock ticking away the 2s still couldnt get that goal that all their possesion deserved. But on 70mins Lee boobyer found space and unleashed a shot from 25yards but the keeper got his finger tips to it and it came of the bar and there was loughie to hit the ball on the volley into the net with the 2's cheering it didnt last long as the ref blew for offside. A decent opportunity fell to D.McCrudden who scuffed his shot wide. The 2's had a few half chances but couldnt get that goal. But on 80mins there was a scramble in the box from a 22nd corner and there was Ryan McFarland to smash the ball past a melee off players into the net ! Much to the relief to the players and coaches alike. They had got there goal all the pocession deserved and the much needed 3pts as they saw the game out comfortably. Ft Agape 0-1 22ndC.

M.McCann J.Hamilton D.Bell C.Nesbitt D.McCrudden A.Patterson L.Boobyer McCauley E.White L.Robinson R.Mcfarland.

Subs L.Nithsdale R.Simms D.Karim
Saturday 13th January 2018
SAFL Div 2
Ballysillian Park

Ballysillian Swifts lll 5-4 22nd Old Boys lII

The match kicked off with the 22nd on the front foot and it didnt take long for them to go 1 up. Eddie white banging the ball into the corner off the net.But the lead didnt last long with ballysillian leveling the score a min later.The 2s continued to press forward and got their just rewards when white took the ball on his chest let it bounce and bang right into the back of the net to make it 2-1 to the 22nd.The 3rd came 5mins later when the ball was slid to the feet of johnstone who steaded himself to stroke thd ball into the cornet off the net 3-1 22nd. Just before HT ballysillian got a penalty they scored 2-3 22nd HT.

The 2nd half started and it was ballysillian who were taking control off the game and it wasnt long for them to make it 3-3 which soon became 4-3 ballysillian.With the clock ticking away the 2s got a corner the ball was swung into the box and there was robinson to poke the ball home from close range to make it 4-4. Shortly after ballysillian made it 5-4 in the dieing minutes.The 2s made a final push with the ball played to johnstone he ran 30 yards shot the keeper got a bit on it and as the ball rolled slowly towards the net the defender got back and cleared it off the line. Ft Ballysillian lll 5-4 22ndOld Boys lll

T.McComish R.Larkin J.Hamilton R.Douglas K.Sheehan M.Irvine L.Nithsdale D. D.McCrudden L.Robinson  E.White M.Johnston

Subs R.Davidson W.Devlin  F.Robinson

Saturday 30th December 2017
SAFL Div 2

Newtown Forest lll 0-4 22nd Old Boys lll

The last game of the year saw the 22nd 3rds travel to play Newton on a wet bobbly pitch at Hydebank.

The game started with the 2's in the ascendancy. They tried to pass the ball but with the break over Xmas the touch just wasn't there. The first 30 minutes were very scrappy, but the 22nd fashioned a few changes. With Clarke coming close and a great move down the left finished with Mokes shot cleared of the line. Few tasty tackles in midfield by both teams as both pushed to create an opening. Dean tried hard in the middle but having a touch like a baby elephant didn't help. Jacky worked with Boobs but again touch was off. Matthew had very little to do and what he had he done well. 22nd came close with a long throw from Bill with the resulting flick being tipped over by the Newtown Keeper. Right on half time it looked like Jacky had put the 2's ahead but his chip landed on the cross bar with the keeper well beaten. 0-0 HT.

At Half time the 3rds management delivered a much needed rocket and told the boys to up their game.

The second half started with the 2's again making the running and a good header by young Ross hit the Newtown cross bar. Minutes later it looked like the 2's had taken the lead when a Boobyer corner was flicked by Clarke. Hawk eye Kirker in line with goal saw the ball crossed the line but the ref couldn't see it so play continued. Newton saw a fierce free kick well saved by Matthew as the game started to open up. The moment eventually came when Boobs picking up the ball fired a great shot into the far corner from 25 yards leaving the keeper stranded, 1-0 22nd. The 2's kept up the pressure and Boobs shot again but this time it was blocked by a Newtown hand... Penalty. Up stepped Jacky (Toms love child) to stoke it home, 2-0 22nd. Energetic Michael arrived in the box and threw himself at a good cross only to see his header go straight at the keeper.  Jacky square head then missed to headers one after the other before Gary burst forward from left back and fired in a rocket to the far top corner to make it 3-0. Jacky received a nice pass from big Lee, then wrapped it up with a nice finish from close range to make it 4-0. The boys seen the game out to take a well deserved 3 points.

M.McCann S.Graham C.Lindores B.McClean G.Gillespie D.McCrudden J.Burrows R.Barr W.Devlin L.Boobyer Clarke Bacon

D.Karim L.McCreedy M.Irvine

Saturday 25th November 2017

Safl Div 2


FC United Lisburn ll 1-2 22nd Old Boys lll

Boys travelled to Lisburn for a league fixture and the first incident of note was Willy pinging the ball 30 odd yards and hitting Baffer on the loaf while he was delivering his team talk. The hollow sound reverberated around Lisburn.

The game started with 22nd playing into a bitter cold wind. They 2's looked dangerous easy on with some nice play down the left almost resulting in an opening goal. Lisburn looked dangerous with their quick striker up top and he was unfortunate when Curtis looked to have mistimed a tackle but the ref waved away appeals for a Lisburn penalty. To rub salt into their wound Gary brought the ball forward and found Jacky with a cracking pass who rounded the keeper and finished to put the 2's 1-0 up. Both teams battled away and McCann made a good save diving to his right to turn the ball away. Dean moved into centre midfield brought a bit more stability and Ross started to miss chances with a header wide. Unfortunately some poor defending saw a neat flick thumped into the roof of the 22nd net to make it 1-1. Curtis and smooch got themselves sorted at the back and looked very solid. Young Michael working hard and Eddie running away from tackles. Alex looked like he was still at Shine as he was a bit off the pace. While Jacky started to run the midfield. The half drew to a close at 1-1 with the game finely balanced.

Second half saw the game go end to end both teams searching for a winner. But Ross had other ideas he was determined to miss as many chances as possible ( had he a tenner on Lisburn ? ). A bit of a mix up and some dogged play saw Jacky sweep home the second 22nd goal to put them 2-1 up. Unfortunately things were made a bit easier when Lisburns danger man was shown a harsh red for his second booking. The 2's were still keen to add to their total and Alex looked to have added a third on for the ref to rule that the ball hadn't crossed the line. The Lisburn keeper made a fantastic save to deny Jacky his hatrick at the near post. Another 22nd break saw a great cross for Ross 2 yards out with net at his mercy 3-1 you would think ? No Ross was keeping his bet alive and tried to knock down a satellite. Terrible miss and the crowd let him know by rolling around the ground in hysterics (no sympathy at our club). Curtis and Smooch made some telling clearances and with Eddie removed for the more nimble Daniel things were shored up and the game seen out and result secured.

M.McCann C.Douglas C.Nesbitt D.Bell G.Gillespie J.Burrows A.Patterson E.White M.Irvine D.McCrudden R.Douglas


D.Karim W.Devlin S.Graham

Saturday, 16th September 2017

Ironside Cup Round 1


Sandy Row II v 22nd Old Boys III

The 22nd went into this game with four off the under 19s and playing a team that was a league above, we knew it was going to be a hard 90 minutes ever so more as the under 19s had played all ready that morning.

The game got underway with Sandy Row having plenty of possession but not threatening the 2s. It took the hosts until the 20th minute to have their first chance on goal, there striker hitting the corner flag instead off the net. Shortly after this, he had not 1 but 5 times to score but failed hitting the ball high and wide each time. It was obvious that he must have been on the Buckie on the Friday night. With Sandy Row missing their chances, 22nd didn’t waste theirs with Moke having his shot on goal, it was spilled by the keeper and there was Megarry to hit the net. 1-0 22nd.

Then the 2s grabbed a 2nd. Megarry ghosted passed three Sady Row players before slidding the ball passed the keeper to grab his second goal 2-0 22nd at Half time.

The 2nd half started with Sandy Row pressing the 2s. At this stage, the 2s made a sub with pastie replacing simms. Five minutes later, Sandy Row grabbed a goal 2-1.

The 2s centred but gave the ball away. Straight away, it came to their forward who hit the ball on the half volley into the corner off the net giving the Silverback no chance. 2-2.

It got worst for the 2s with Curtis Nesbitt seeing red down to 10 men. Now having the upperhand, Sandy Row continued to push forward having a couple off efforts on goal but the silverback was there to save the day. Then on the hour mark, 22nd saw McKmm limp off after a terrible tackle the ref deemed to be fair. Should have gone to spec savers, as McKimm’s leg looked like a golf ball coming out off it.

With the game into the final ten miuntes, Sandy grabbed a 3rd with the game coming to an end the 2s had 1 final change when Carbery crossed from the byline, up rose Robinson with a bullet header only to head at the keeper.

ft Rangers3-2 22nd III

McCombish Simms C.Nesbitt McKimm Carson Megarry McCrudden Patterson Carbery L.Robinson Devlin

SUBS Davison Passmore Fitzsimons McCready

Saturday 9th September 2017

SAFL Div 2

Woodvale Park 

22nd Old Boys lll 2-3 Silent Valley 

The match started off with both teams creating a few chances but due to the pitch being wet and the ball skidding off the surface chances were few and far between. The first real chance came when Eddie white played a perfectly weighted pass through to Andy mccann on the overlap and he put a perfect cross in first time onto Laurence Robinsons head, who leapt like a salmon,  made no mistake. 1-0 22nd. the first half finished with 22nd battering the silent valley defence but couldn't find the goal. 1-0 HT

Silent valley started the second half the better of the 2 sides and got the breakthrough when the 22nd got caught out when they had a corner and silent valley hit them on the counter attack 1-1. Shortly after silent valley went ahead with a very well struck shot from outside the box into the bottom corner. The 22nd then got the equaliser with a lovely header at the back post from Matic . With around 5 minutes remaining the 22nd made a mistake at the back which resulted in the silent striker going through on goal, he rounder the keeper and put the ball into the empty net. FT 3-2 silent valley.

R.Millar, A.McCann, C.Nesbitt, J.Menabney, L.Nesbitt, J.Thompson, J.McKimm,  G.McCauley, A.Patterson, E.White, L.Robinson 


R.Simms, L.McCready, W.Devlin, R.Davison

Saturday, 2nd September 2017
SAFL Div 2
The Grove

22nd Old Boys III 4-1 Rock Athletic II
Today saw the Tom silverback McComish take his 1st steps as a manager but he will have to wait to next wk as he had to perform refereeing duties.
The game started with the 2s controlling the game from back to front. the first chance fell to thompson, a lovely pass by white saw thompson hit from 20 yards only to be straight at the keeper. It was going to be only a matter of time before the 2s scored and on 20mins, again, white's pass found thompson who buried the ball into the net. 1-0
The 2nd came shortly after this time it was thompson who found white and his pass to ballymena moke saw him chip the advancing keeper to make it 2-0.
The 2s had there tails up and were unlucky not to be more up with the lively johnston causing rock all sorts off problems at the back. But the 2s were dealt a sucker punch just before half time when they were caught napping and rock scored 2-1 Ht.

With baffer taking the team talk while the manager had a quick cig, The second half started in the same maner as the first with the 2s controlling the game and it didnt take long for the 2s to grab there 3rd when andy mccann hit the ball high into the rock box, there was johnston to get his head to it and make it 3-1.
With rocks heads dropping it wasn't long for the 2s to score again. This time the new In-Shape Eddie White teased the defence and then banged the ball towards the rock goal but beofre it entered the net, the rock defender tried to stop it but only ended up putting it into his own net the jury is still out as to whether to give white the goal or record it as an own goal .Ft 22nd 4-1rock athletic. 
Great start to the new season

M.McCann Menabney C.Nesbitt A.McCann McAlinden L.Nesbitt Devlin Thompson White Johnston Graham
SUBS Carbery Simms Davison


Saturday 29th April 2017
Woodvale park
Whiteside cup Group A

22ndC 8-2 Lambeg Rangers ll

The last game of the season kicked off at a breezy woodvale park. The 22nd started on the front foot and it wasn't long to the scoring was opened when chrissy squared for the rampaging McCrea to drive home from 3 yards. He tried to dab but managed to fall over himself much to the amusement of the crowd. 1-0 22nd. 
It wasn't long before it was 2 a good ball released the lurcher down the right who fired into the far corner to make it 2-0
Lambeg gathered themselves and started to impose themselves on the game. They got a goal back with a great dr8ve from the edge of the box into the far corner 2-1 and game on. Both sides battled hard through to halftime without creating many more chances. 2-1 HT

The second half started with 22nd on top and it wasn't long before it was 3-1. A long throw from the Lurcher found the ever expanding smooch at the back post who used his huge belly to guide the ball home. The 4th came when Curtis collected the ball in midfield and fired a 25 yarder over the keeper into the roof of the net. 4-1 22nd. 
A great ball by the Lurcher released Cameron who chipped the keeper to make it 5-1. Goals were coming thick and fast and Lambeg got a goal back after Cheung made a good stop, only to see the rebound forced home. 5-2
Cheung swapped with the Lurcher and straight away stepped up to hit a free kick from 25 yards beyond the diving keeper to make it 6-2
Some good work by Cameron down the left and he set up Lee who made no mistake to make it 7-2
Big Maitland got in on the act at the end, racing clear down the right and thumping into the far corner to make it 8-2. The game and season came to an end, with the 22ndC delighted to finish with a convincing win.

W.Cheung F.Robinson J.Young C.Nesbitt N.Martin W.Devlin W.Simpson N.McAneney D.Bell A.McCrea C.Maitland 

S.Vance D.McCrudden L.McCready C.Lofthouse
Saturday 25th February 2017 
Safl Div 2 

22ndC 4-3 Lambeg Rangers ll 

 The 22nd started brightly passing the ball well and creating some good opportunities only to see Big Stevie either fall over it or blazed wide. The dead lock was eventually broken when John cut inside and finished cooly into the far corner 1-0 22nd. 
Lambeg to their credit kept playing out from the back and were rewarded when a rare break saw them cross and the Eagle eyed ref spotted a hand ball in 22nd box, penalty.... Lambeg player struck it past the diving burger 1-1
The 22nd kept up the pressure but couldn't find a way through. Lambeg took the lead from a poor goal kick and 22nd defence fell asleep to allow Lambeg striker through to chip out rushing keeper to make it 2-1 Lambeg. 
Try as they might 22nd could see no way through and the half finished 2-1 Lambeg. 

22nd started second half again on the ball and missing opportunities. Eventually Big Stevie rose to head home a corner to make it 2-2.
But straight away, a good break saw Lambeg restore their lead firing past Burger 3-2 Lambeg. 
22nd made changes and put a lot of pressure on Lambeg goal. Calls for a 22nd goal where waved away by the ref as he rightly saw keeper saved on the line. Miss of the season saw the ever young Chink miss one on the goal line. How he missed it we will never know. Eventually pressure told and Stevie blasted home for the 22nd equaliser, 3-3
Young Cameron and Jordan on the wings were causing problems for Lambeg defence. Big Matt on his comeback missed two great chances. Eventually a great cross picked out Chrissy who volleyed home to make it 4-3 for 22nd. 
The 2's seen out the game with young Jordan nearly finding a fifth. 

 B.Elwood N.Martin J.Young S.Graham T.McComish C.Maitland C.Nesbitt D.Simpson W.Devlin J.Waugh S.Wilson 
 Subs M.Bryans F.Robinson L.Mcreedy M.Shaw J.Butler C.Lofthouse

Saturday 3rd September 2016 

SAFL Div 2 

Woodvale Park 

 22ndC 4-2 Bootle St

With the first game of the season ready to be played, in a new league for 22nd C there was an extra bite to the game due to it being a local derby against 2nd B aka Bootle Street. Furthermore this also seen the fixture being added with more spice with Bryan 'Burger' Elwood and William 'Moke' Devlin playing against their former club.

Competitive debuts where also handed to Gareth Hamilton, Trigger and David Simpson making his return to the team.

With the 22nd on the front foot from the get go, The stand in manager Tom 'Silverback' McComish opting for a 4411 formation, the 22nd were controlling the midfield. Gareth Hamilton with the composure and Curtis Lindores with the legs and height giving Bootle street very few opportunities to attack the 22nd back four.

The breakthrough came with a ball played over the top and the chasing Moke wanting to make it his own, got there and 50/50 the Bootle street goalkeeper and win it with ease to then slowly drift into an empty net. 1-0 22nd.

The next 5 minutes are all important in a game of football. Tom screaming on the side line to keep the ball and not to give away anything silly. Shortly after, 22nd conceded a corner and to everyone's dismay, considering the physical and height advantage, the ball was played to the back post, to an unmarked man, to head the ball into the back of the net, 1-1.

With the game turned on its head within 5 minutes, Bootle street were pouring on the pressure on the 22nd back line. The ball fell to the back post once more to an unmarked man for a sizzling shot, only to be blocked by Glen McDowell and his hand. penalty! With the 22nd in dismay at how the referee could see it is questionable but the ref won't change his mind, it was Burgers time to show the gaffer why he was in the team. SAVE! with a terrible penalty Burger still got a strong leg to it and the score remained 1-1.

With this, confidence now behind the 2's they then started pressuring the Bootle street back four, Stephen Beattie with a very tame shot snuck by the Bootle streets GK, To give the 22nd a 2-1 lead.

Half time.

Tom and Baffer taking the half time team talk, the gaffer emphasised how much the wingers were not being utilised. With the frustrated James Thompson not seeing much of the ball.

The second half began in sluggish fashion with both teams having half chances. Bootle street number 8 then broke through the midfield with a long range shot to sting the gloves of Burger, which resulted in another corner. Again the ball is played to back post with a clearance of the line, but felll for Bootle street to calmly tuck the ball into the back of the net. 2-2.

The game restarted and with again a few half chances for each team. The breakthrough for the 2's then comes from a fortunate ball over the top, to then the emerging Trigger to slot the ball home and put the we 2's 3-2 up!

The pressure continued with the 2's on the front foot from the restart and with 10 minutes to go, Stephen Beattie with the most delightful ball on to the run of Curtis Lindores was never being caught with a stride in the legs that would give Usain Bolt a decent test, to then tuck the ball home to give the 2's a commanding 4-2 lead. Glen McDowell was the happiest man in Belfast at this point.

With the game in injury time, the Bootle street kept going to the end and got a very fortunate penalty again. With Burger already a penalty save under his belt, he wanted to make sure the previous penalty save was no fluke. Bootle street opting to change the penalty taker, up stepped the Bootle street attacker. With Burger watching and giving the eyes he dives to his right with an acrobatic save that was something out of the premier league. Awesome from the 22nd GK. With that done, the final whistle was blown and end of the game. 4-2 winners for the 2's.

A special mention goes to the two youth players who stepped up and played a very good game with men at least double their age and did not look out of place. Well done Kane and James.

There was no man of the match announced but S.Beattie, W.Devlin, D.Simpson and B.Elwood all can take great pride in how they played. Also well done to the debuts of G.Hamilton and Trigger on a job well done.

TB.Elwood, G.Mcdowell, J.Young, D.Simpson, K.Sheehan, J.Thompson, G.Hamilton, C.Lindores, S.Beattie, W.Devlin, M.Trimmings

SUBS: T.Clare, T.McComish, F.Robinson, M.Cure


22ndC End of season report 2015/16

22ndC started the season knowing that this was probably going to be the last ever season of the BBOB league. They got of to a poor start loosing 2 and drawing 1 of their opening 3 games. But true to their never say die approach they won 5 games in a row to push them right up the table.

Unfortunately November and December were a bit of a disaster loosing 6 games in a row and slipping into the bottom half of the table. This was due to a very difficult run of fixtures and the fact that A.team had lost a few players so the C.team suffered a domino effect.

In the new year W.Adams men rallied thanks to stalwart D.Passmore and the impressive J.Young. Other players lifted their game and the boys won 4 in a row ending with a very unlucky Quarter Final exit in AET in the Bunting Cup at the hands of the 68thA.

The boys battled on and finished the year a creditable 5th in Bbob Div 1. Ending with a 3-1 win over old rivals 92ndB.

The league ran a supplementary competition and mixed fortunes saw the 22ndC qualify for the semi final of the Supplementary Plate and lost out in controversial circumstances to eventual winners Crosscollyer.

This ended the 22nds 62 year affiliation with the Bbob league and saw its closure a very sad time in junior football as this once great league had 8 Divisions at one stage. A lot of teams in junior football all over Antrim and Down started of in the Bbob league a shame but life goes on and it opens up an exciting chapter for next season for the 22ndC. Where will they go ?

30th April 2016

BBOB Supplementary Plate Semi-Final


22nd C v Crosscollyer

We started off well passing the ball about nicely. A few tasty tackles from both sides giving away silly free kicks, which led to nothing. 

Up like a salmon, Passmore won every ball that they tried going route 1 for pretty much all of the first half. 

Even seen "pastie" do a dive or 2 aswell. 0-0 HT.

Second half we got an early corner were Passmore was trailed down in the box and the ref must have forgot his glasses and waved play on. Another corner shortly after, Irvine hit the ball towards the net, after a scramble and one of the crosscollyers defenders made a super save off the line (im sure his hands stinging) Referee again didnt see it. 

Mccomish took the ball from a short throw in and tried to clear it, it hit off the wingers arm and he rattled one in to the top corner.
On came manager/player willy adams and he nearly made it level within a few minutes of coming on with the keeper making a good save. From this corner young Passmore fouled again but the ref didnt see it. 

Injury time now and Robinson was sent through on goal 1 on 1 and the defender caught up just inside the box and fouled him, he stayed on his feet and managed to get the shot away forcing the keeper to make a great save. 1-0 FT

Carrigan Hall Passmore Hunter McComish Burrows Lindores Robinson Graham G.McDowell Irvine 

6th February 2016 

Bunting Cup Quarter Final 

3 Mile Water 

68thA 4-1 22ndC AET

Game started on a very soggy pitch with the 22nd making the early running amid a few hefty challenges. Though the 1st chance of note came when J.Burrows was judged to have fouled 68th player in the box, penalty. Up stepped their goalkeeper.... only to see his spot kick saved very well by W.Cheung in 22nd nets. Then the break through a great ball from S.Vance saw Maitland throw himself at the ball and score a diving header great finish. Someone was heard from side line shouting his belly helped propel him. 1-0 22nd

The 2's stepped it up with impressive McAneney winning tackle after tackle in the midfield and as a result a great through ball saw M.Chism race through only to skew his shot over. Minutes later after more great football Chism was through once again only to see the keeper make a fine save. 1-0 h/t.

2nd half started with 68th on front foot and straight away Cheung produced a fine save to keep 2's in front. The 68th looked dangerous from set plays n it was to prove the route for their equaliser. With a header a back post bouncing in 1-1

The 2's thought they had taken the lead on 2 occasions both times ball in 68th net only to be ruled harshly out for foul play. Things started to get a bit heated with some heavy challenges going in but the game finished 1-1.

Extra time on a heavy pitch was a nightmare for all but up stepped 68th centre forward with 2 quick goals leaving the 22nd chasing the game. Willy made his final changes n chased the game 3-1 ht.

2nd period started with 2's pushing but they were struggling with fitness n it just left 68th striker to complete his hat trick with an exquisite free kick 4-1 68thA and that was that.

Good luck to 68th in semi final.

W.Cheung S.Vance A.McCann N.Blair J.Young N.McAneney J.Burrows C.Maitland J.Adams S.Bailie M.Chism

Subs M.Bryans S.Beattie T.McComish

30th January 2016 

BBOB Div 1 

Woodvale Park

 22ndC 3-2 Shore Rd 

It was a winters day in Woodvale park with the snow falling for 22nd c vs Shore rd ym.

To the amazement of both teams and a shock arrival of a referee, the game was set with both teams buzzing. 

22ndc warm up looked like ulster rugby team as they were doing the traditional across and back the pitch which looked like they had buttons sewing to they shirts. This was infact down to the weather so the match started . 

The Game started with 22nd bossing from the start with with everybody pulling their weight, even Stephen Beattie to everyone's amazement. With great play coming mainly down the right from A. McCann to Brownlee to Bailie to which shore rd could not handle. The 2's were all over them.

The 2's defence was immense with the ever-ageing Passmore leading the line and his new found bulldozer in Young to which he uses to his advantage. So with Brownlee and Shaw in the middle of the park, to which management was unsure off, worked very well with Shaw's voice and Brownlee's engine who was bossing the game. The chances started coming thick and fast with the relentless Irvine missing a great chance to which the crowd chanted, he "Irvined" it but his relentlessness  finally paid of when he was slipped through, with his great run he coolly finished into the far corner. This boy just does not stop. 

Shortly after, the 22nd won a throw in deep in shore rd half with 22nds movement causing havoc, the dramaticly improved Beattie found space just outside the box which fell for him to just go ahead and thump in an absolute wonder goal right over the keeper. Half Volley! Unbelievable Jeff!! 

The half fizzled out with 22nd still bossing it great first half for 22nd signs off last season reappearing.  With the team talk it was unusual with Coach Adams giving praise even for Beattie to which the team questioned: "Gaffer, you ok?" Even Shaw got praised for his efforts

Second half began with 22nd still bossing the game with great play, but the tiki-taca football came to a end as fatigue set in. The game got heated with tackles flying in. 22ndc seemed to embrace this new challenge after all they do looked like the ulster rugby team. Yhey shall not be punished they are the enforcers. With 22nd focusing more on legs rather than the ball, they fell asleep letting shore rd back into it with a scramble in the box they stole 1 back. 2-1. Honestly, if the peelers had've seen it they would have been scooped. 

Wake up call that the 22nd needed with the glaring eyes of coldhearted murders that were Young and Passmore, 22nd midfield dared not look back as they love a clean sheet. The game cracked on with the midfields legs, which can only be described as muck running down the legs some say!!!!!! 

With the midfield put back in check, they upped their game driving forward, hitting harder, winning absolutely everything. They got a corner to which Vance finally showed up with a lovely delivered ball to Bailie who soared above everyone with a header to die for. Take a bow son 3-1

With changes made, in stepped Lindores and the entertaining Curie. Some say he wears two left boots just for a laugh.

So positions changed, Irvine left midfield to management mistake as Shore rd pressed their number 8 in the box. He basically was taken out by the roots by Irvine. hop in we going nowhere !!!!!!! Plenty with Irvine fear for his life as Passmore and Young still firing those looks, Irvine looked to the skies praying they missed. No such luck 3-2 

So game restarted with Young and Passmore building a fortress infront of them and Irvine running about with all sorts of tunes flying out his arse

22nd held on to a well deserved victory Final score 3-2 

After match interviews seen the bystander 'Sahin' McFarland, who was injured, asked about his thoughts on what he had seen. His reply was nil as he was being picked off the floor screaming "fuck you west brom". When he finally calmed down, he was asked again "Well Jeff, thought the boys were ve...."  He did not finish as someone cried out "yesssssssssssssssssssss westbrom" which Sahin gave a glorious dance. Some say he's injured!!!!!!!!! Thats all we heard from young McFarland

M.McCann A.McCann Passmore Young McComish Bailie Vance Irvine Brownlee Beattie Shaw

Subs: Cure Lindores

Saturday 5th December 2015 

Bbob Div1 


 18th Newtownabbey C 6-2 22ndC

The game kicked off in horrible conditions and straight away 18th were on the front foot and a good move saw their very quick striker score an early goal 1-0 18th. 22nd tried to keep the ball moving it quickly in midfield but conditions would not allow this. Then C.Wynne tried to turn inside hus own box fell and handled the ball... penalty 18th which was cooly dispatched 2-0. Then from a long throw the 18th made it 3-0 bundling the ball in at the back post. The 2's rallied and Maitland hit an unstoppable drive into the roof of the net 3-1. With minutes it was 3-2 some good work down left again found Maitland at the edge of the box to cooly finish 3-2. Just as 2's looked to be getting back in the game Wynne strikes again bringing down their forward in the box another stone wall penalty spotted by the eahle eyed ref. Cooly finished 4-2 18th. Just before the break a great pass saw their striker race clear to make it 5-2 18th. HT

The 2's got a roasting at half time and came out the 2nd half and preformed much better. Bryans and McCann at full back work hard n were always available. Cheung in nets though was forced into 2 or 3 great saves and in terrible conditions his handling was superb. As the game seemed to fade away C.Wynne deflected a shot past the impressive Cheung to make it 6-2 18th. M.Hall entered the fray n had 2 golden opportunities set up by another sub Bailie only to see both efforts go narrowly wide.

W.Cheung A.McCann J.Young C.Wynne M.Bryans R.McFarland C.Maitland G.McDowell G.Gillespie S.Beattie G.Irvine

Subs S.Bailie F.Robinson M.Hall

Saturday 31st of October 2015

Westland 1- 6 22nd C 

With a few wins under their belt, 22nd C went in to this game against local rivals Westland determined, knowing full well that to continue our winning form we needed to improve on last weeks performance. 
Conditions today at Mallusk were good from the start, a cold sunny day but with little wind, the pitch held the elements well also. The only negative i could say was that we were left without a referee again. 
Right from the start of the game 22nd C battled and sought to play creative football on the ground as they have been doing over the past weeks. As a result this 22nd C opened the scoring with their first two goals coming in quick succession from open play through Trim. 2-0
Midway through the 1st half 22nd C continued to pile on the pressure (having Westland camped in their own half, arguing amongst themselves and reverting to long ball play) and were rightly awarded a penalty for an unfair challenge on Trim who continued to be a hassle for the Westland defence. S.Beattie stepped up and calmly slotted the ball into the net to make it 3-0
With not long left to half time Westland would go onto score, capitalising on one of very few mistakes made by the 22nd C defence, who like the team from front to back were playing well. 3-1
Not long after this young R.Millar was called into action to make an excellent save before half time was called. 1st Half Summary At the end of the first half it could safely be said that 22nd C were playing the better football (we were taking nothing for granted after last week), the whole team was excellent from back to front with everyone playing their part. Goalkeeper and defence were solid, midfielders were providing cover and creativity and our forwards were scoring. Our team was rightly in front. 

2nd Half 22nd C went into the 2nd half like they did the first, taking nothing for granted and battling with determination, again playing a brand of creative football. 
Like the first half, Westland were camped in their own half and at times were forced to revert to long ball play. 22nd C would not concede this half with Trim deservedly getting his third to seal his hat trick. 4-1. Midway through the second half with fatigue creeping in a number of changes were made with G.Mcdowell, Trim and S.Beattie making way for W.Andrews, I.Brown and S.Graham. 
W.Andrews (super sub) would score next capitalising on a miss from F.Robinson to make it 5-1. S.Graham would score the final of the goals to make it 6-1, rounding off a great team performance. 
 Throughout this report I made an effort not to mention names (apart from the scorers) as everyone played well and I didn’t think it right to leave anyone out, the young players stood up when needed and the team performance overall was excellent. Roll on next week! 

R.Millar, A.McCann, Younger, D.Passmore, F.Robinson, G.Mcdowell, N.McAneney, T. McComish, S.Beattie, C.Lindores, Trim. 
W.Andrews, I.Brown, S.Graham.

Saturday, 24th October 2015


Woodvale Park

Silent Valley v 22nd 'C'

With the return of the Sir William Adams to manage from the side the conditions where looking awful before the game kicked off. Adams having his team in the pre match circle for the prep talk. With the team given clear instructions to pass and move the boys where raring to go hoping to make it 4 wins in a row.

With Silent Valley winning the toss with the sun in the twos eyes the first half was a game that needed to be played on the ground. It began very scrappy with both teams continually looking for the decisive wonder ball to create an opportunity. A free kick was left to McAneney who in recent weeks was Denied his 'free kick moment' due to Adams heading anything. With the pressure on McAneney's shoulders the strike went into row Z much to the displeasure of the team, And himself. Out of no where Beattie trying an audacious overhead kick just skimming by the post which surely would have won goal of the season there and then. 10 minutes later another free kick fell in a dangerous spot. Off free kick duties it was Beattie who took responsibility. Up he stepped and the goalless score line became 0-1 22nd.

When 22nd starting to the game by trying to get the passing movement flowing but for some reason the game turned into root one. With the 1st half coming to an end Silent Valley earned a free kick from a dangerous positioned. Up stepped their player to bend it round the wall into Matthew Mccanns but unluckily fumbled into the path of the opposition. 1-1 half time blew


With a very poor 1st half Sir William Adams gave his speech with the usual home truths among some of usual kind words.

The second half began with glimpse of the passing game that was seen in previous weeks. With 22nd pushing for the win a chance fell to Younger from a cross with narrowly avoided the far post. A fine effort but the Jaap Stam wannabe.

Midfield began to win their battle with the opposition and with much to the surprise of players Adams brought the changes. Ian for Beattie and Steko for Frank the Tank. With the twos pinned back in their own box the ball fell towards the corner flag with a Silent Valley player hounded the ball down but with Andy Mccann giving chase hit a wonder tackle taking man and ball sending it directly up the line into the path of the substitute Ian. Calmly slipping the ball into the path of the ever persistent Matic giving him the opportunity to charge down on goal, round the keeper and sliped the ball in for what turned out to be the winner. 1-2 22nd.

The rest of the game fizzled out with no other real opportunities for either side. Referee calling time on the game. Back to the Cricket club for a bowl of soup and a pint. Job done. The 22nd look to build again for a tough encounter against Westland the week after.

M.McCann F.Robinson A.McCann D.Passmore G.McDowell J.Mckimm J.Young S.Beattie N.McAneney M.Trimmings T.McComish 

Subs:  I.Brown S.Graham O.Verner W.Andrews C.Douglas

Clarawood 1-1 22nd C
Saturday, 12th September 2015
Henry Jones Playing Fields

It's was a overcast day in Henry Jones and 22nd were in need of a good performance after last weeks result. 
The game started off at a very slow pace with both teams struggling to find their rhythm. 
Midway through the first half, Clarawood were awarded a debatable penalty which they converted. 1-0

The 22nd came out a much better team in the 2nd half and produced several chances that they really should have taken.
Midway through the 2nd half, the ball fell to Luke Murdoch, who took a touch and steadied himself before firing the ball low into the net. 1-1
The last 15 minutes, the 2's were camped inside their own half with McCann producing several saves to keep the scores level, the final whistle blew to cap off a good result for 22nd C.


Supplementary competition 

22ndC v 2ndB

Woodvale park 

Thursday 21st May

4-4 Draw

Lovely night in woodvale park and some strange positional selections by William Adams. 

The 1st incident saw the 2ndB striker run through clearly offside but the ref using no common sense whatsoever, waited until he clattered the 22nd keeper before blowing up.

The match continued with 22nd on front foot creating a few chances only to be squandered.

2ndB then struck a sucker punch and took the lead with a fine finish. 0-1

Straight away the 22nd were back on terms when M.Douglas squared for Robinson to drive home from 20 yards to level scores after previously missing from 2 yards (go figure). 1-1

Then M.Douglas fired the 2's infront with a neat finish from 15 yards 2-1 22nd. 

Then just before half time 2ndB equalised with a cool finish from close range 2-2.

The half finished with C.Chism strutting his stuff in centre midfield  (yes you read correctly).

The 2nd half started with both teams pushing hard. The first break through came when that man again M.Douglas squeezed in from close range to put the 2's infront 3-2

Then Cheung left the field with a bad injury to be replaced in goal by Robinson. The 2ndB then equalised with a neat finish from their centre forward. 3-3 

The game being very tight was set alight when the 22nds answer to S.Gerrard (C.Chism) cooly split the 22nd defense to send the 2ndB striker through to make it 4-3 2ndB

Enter G.Irvine! He only entered the pitch and was sent through to calmly lob the keeper to equalise for the 22nd 4-4 (nev in doubt). 

The game came to a close and both teams settled for a draw.

W.Cheung D.McCrudden M.Shaw C.Wynne C.Chism L.Nithsdale L.Boobyer L.Robinson M.Douglas   

Subs E.White F.Robinson G.Irvine

22nd C v 2nd B Reserves

Supplementary Cup

25th April 2015

Woodvale Park

In an end of season game with little meaning to either side and positions were consolidated in the league the game was taking seriously by both outfits as there was bragging rights of a local derby. The first 20 minutes went by without much happening as both teams tried to get a grip on the game. The first real sight on goal came to Murdoch as he was slipped through from 20 yards out, he struck a shot just past the post. The next 20 minutes Murdoch again, was slipped through a few other times only for the referee to blow for some dodgy offsides. 40 minutes in Andy McCann broke from midfield slipped in by Willy Adams he flicked the ball over the oncoming defenders head and rifled in a left foot volley 1-0 H-T
The boys came out 2nd half with a spring in there step and took control of the game early on with Murdoch running their defence into the ground and deservedly got his goal with a fine strike from the edge of the area. 2-0

A few changes were made and still the boys kept in control of the game, then F. Robinson popped up with his first goal of the season. 3-0 

Bootle Street pulled one back with a scrappy goal from a corner which should have been dealt with 3-1

The changes in the game took the steam out of it but with five minutes to go up popped D. Bell with a wonder strike from 3 yards out.
4-1 FT

22nd C v Clarawood
Supplementary Cup
16th April 2015
Ormeau Park

 Our first evening game kicked off on a very poor pitch at Ormeau. Both teams struggled to play football on the surface with some heavy tackling going in from both teams. G.Irvine had 1st real opportunity but with they ball on his weak foot shot wide. Then a snap shot from L.Murdoch lacked power to trouble Clarawood keeper. 
At the other end Clarawood had a couple of half chances with W.Cheung making comfortable saves. 
As the half drew to a close at 0-0 the crowd were growing restless for E.Whites long awaited comeback. 
The second half started much like the 1st but with Clarawood starting the stronger and they got their reward when a poor clearance landed at their wingers feet for him to drive home from 12 yards keeper with no chance 1-0 Clarawood. 
As the 22nd pressed twice in succession, M.Douglas was denied by great last minute blocks when he looked certain to score. 
Then it came. Enter Edward White to the fray. He was on no more than 5 mins when he approached the full back done a belly swerve, went down in installments in the box. As White turned to the ref for a penalty, the crowd were in hysterics. M.Douglas then had a free kick saved very well by the keeper resulting in a goal kick. 
Then the defining moment as Douglas dribbled past the centre back through on the keeper he rounded the keeper and was ready to put the ball in the empty net!! When keeper kicked Douglas, a straight red and a free kick you would think. No yellow and a free kick which was narrowly put wide. Clarawood seen out the remaining minutes of pressure to win a very competitive match 1-0

 W.Cheung C.Lindores C.Chism D.Hunter C.Douglas C.Wynne M.Douglas S.Beattie J.Bunting L.Murdoch G.Irvine 
 SUBS W.Adams E.White D.Bell A.McCrea

22nd C vs Taughmonagh YM

Nicholl Cup Final

Friday 10th April 2015

Attendance: Packed

The Home of Football “Seaview Stadium”

Conditions were excellent and the atmosphere was electric as both sets of rival supporters taunted each other with some first rate chants e.g. the Adams family, Pink hair and my personal favourite Garys’ in the Taliban. That’s the magic of the cup

The game started with the 22nd on the front foot pressing hard and snapping into tackles. However there was a cost to pay. Fearless midfielder McAneney’s courageous block tackle ended with him taking no further part in the game with a badly twisted knee.

Moments after the 22nd took the lead. There was a mix-up in the Taughmonagh defence, the ball ran free to the bustling McFarland in the centre of the goal who calmly slotted the ball into the empty net. Seaview 1 – 0

They say you’re most vulnerable just after you’ve scored and this is exactly what happened at the other end. A corner was conceded, the cross came in and Taughmonagh headed the ball into the net 1 – 1.

The 22nd took the lead again shortly afterwards when Midfield General Maitland picked the ball up 30.23 yards from the goal and stuck it in to the top left-hand corner of the net – What a worldie finish – the place erupted with raw emotion. 1 – 2

It’s a funny old game. Shortly after words the crowd witnessed a miss that Danny Baker will have on his next “Football Goals and Gaffes” DVD.

Taughmonagh seemed to be rattled and the 22nd nearly capitalised. The ball again fell to the talented Maitland who was at least 2 millimetres out and an empty goal. The talisman somehow managed to put the ball over the bar, over the motorway, over Duncrue and onto the Belfast to Stranraer ferry. He’s got to be hitting the target from there, maybe he caught it too well. This will go down in the same vain as Gerrard’s slip.

Again after this miss Taughmonagh equalised when their man of the match No. 7, dancing around 13-14 players in the box, put the ball past McCann in goal. 2-2

Monuments after Taughmonagh scored again. After a quick breakaway the Taughmonagh forward drilled a shot in to the bottom left-hand corner 2 – 3.

Half time was approaching which is always a bad time to concede, would there be a sting in the tail? – of course.

The 22nd equalized when the industrious team captain Douglas picked the ball up at the edge of the box and rifled it hard and low into the bottom left had corner. 3 – 3 at the break

After the entertaining first half surely the 2nd couldn’t be as good – some may have said it’s a game of two halves. However you would be wrong.

Like the first the 22nd started the better closing down, putting their bodies on the line. The energetic Douglas lead by example with his tireless running and closing down of the opposition.

However midway through fitness levels were starting to show – now Taughmonagh were bossing the game. After making numerous blocks and saves the blameless 22nd goalkeeper McCann again need treatment after having studs raked down the back of his legs which resulted in a corner for Taughmonagh. The corner came in but fell to the Taughmonagh No 7 who connected well on the half-volley to put the ball into the postage stamp. Great goal. 3 – 4

Two more quick fire goals where to follow when firstly after a ball over the 22nd defence the Taughmonagh forward outpaced the defence to chip over the onrushing McCann 3 – 5 . Next the Taughmonagh No7 got his hatrick after he collected the ball outside the area and scored another worldie putting in the only place that McCann could not reach - the top right-hand corner 3 – 6.

There was no giving in by the 22nd and they constantly tried to attack. Just before entering Fergie time, 22nd captain Douglas picked the ball up of the left wing and drove into the box. The Taughmonagh defence didn’t know what to do with him. After a few lollipops, all the defender could do was bring him down and the referee duly awarded the spot kick. Douglas who had given a captains performance and worked his socks off picked himself up and calmly slid the penalty past the Taughmonagh keeper. 4 – 6

Shortly after the referee blew for full-time.

Congratulations to Taughmonagh for winning the Nicholl Cup and to 22nd for their participation in what was a truly epic cup final. It was a great avert for the game


22nd C 4 vs 6 Taughmonagh YM

McCann, McCrudden, Passmore, McComish, Wynne, McAneney, Maitland, Gillespie, McFarland, Brown, M.Douglas

SUBS: Burrows, Beattie, Murdoch, Martin, Bunting

22nd C vs Shankill Elim B

Nicholl Cup Semi-Final

14th March 2015

Attendance: 32, a dog, several pigeons and 4 corner flags

City of Belfast Playing Field, Mallusk

Conditions were overcast and slightly windy. 22nd won the toss and decided to play with the wind in the first half.

There are no easy games at this level and with most semi-finals the opening was a tense affair as both teams kept it tight. The first real chance fell to the 22nd as Douglas flicked onto Maitland and the on rushing keeper made a brave save diving at the midfielders feet. Unfortunately the keepers bravery was not rewarded as a shoulder injury prevented him from continuing

Most of the first half chances fell to the 22nd as Douglas, Borrows and the impressive McAneney all wasted good opportunities.

This game needed a goal as the near capacity crowd began to get restless. Midway through the first half Shankill Elim took the lead when the referee give a soft free-kick against McAneney 25 yards out. The Elim midfielder scored directly from the resulting free, putting it over the wall and into the preverbal postage stamp leaving McCann in goal helpless. 0 – 1

As the first half drew to a close the 22nd equalised as club captain Burrows swivelled on a sixpence to lob the keeper with an exquisite finish. Always a bad time to concede just before the break.

1 -1 at the interval.

The second half started like the first as both teams were on edge knowing that Seaview was only 45 minutes away. As it continued the 22nd became the more dominate force with man of the match McAneney lead by example biting into tackles.

Again chances were misses as Douglas squandered opportunities. Just one of those days – he couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo.

The game was halted for a period when the 22nd veteran Passmore was knocked unconscious after a clash which resulted in a fat lip and later 4 stiches in hospital. However the stalwart refused to come off and played on. Note to all: you do don’t win anything with kids.

Cometh the man cometh the hour the prolific Douglas would not be denied. The forward ran onto a through ball and riffled it past the Elim keeper into the back of the net. You just don’t save those. 2 - 1

It was all 22nd and they should have been out of site playing the sort of tika-taka football you could only dream off. However, there could have been a late sting in the tail. In injury-time Elim threw the kitchen sink at the steadfast 22nd defence. With only seconds remaining an Elim midfielder danced around several challenges and curled a right foot shot that looked destined for the top corner only for McCann to brilliantly stretch and turn it behind. A save worthy of winning any match (maybe he should have held it).

This had to be the final action. Elim sent their keeper forward for one last attempt with all Elim players in the box. The 22nd manager Adams played and master stroke and told Murdoch to stay forward. In came the corner but it was midfield general Maitland who wanted the ball more and calmly played the ball forward to Murdoch who run unchallenged to put the ball into the empty net. (I love when a plan comes together) 3 – 1.

After the match when questioned about his team Adams statedthat every game is a cup final now”


22nd C 3 vs 1 Shankill Elim B

M.McCann, McCrudden, Passmore, McComish, Lunn, McAneney, Brown, Burrows, Maitland, Irvine, M.Douglas

SUBS: Beattie, C.Douglas, Bryans, Murdoch, Lindores