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Under 17

Saturday 10th November 2018
Sbyl Div 2
22nd Old Boys U17's 1-6 St James Swifts 

Before todays match 22nd Old Boys U17's stood alone to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.

The match kicked off and within 5mins St James were 1-0 and before 22nd could get into the game it was 2-0. St James were running riot at this point bossing the midfield and the 2 up top were causing 22nd defence all sorts of problems. The ball over the top was killing our boys. Then on 30mins St James went 3-0 shortly after that it became 4-0. The boys battled on and some heavy tackles going in by both sides. The boys got to the half with no more damage done. 4-0 ht.

The boys got an ear bashing from all coaches at ht. 2nd half started with the boys starting to play some decent football and it was'nt long before they got a goal back, when the ref awarded a free kick about 35 yards out. Up stepped JASON SMITH to smash the ball over the keeper head and into the roof off the net 1-4, whay a hit son. That gave the boys a bit off a lift and they started to get more into the game but on 65mins St James scored to make it 1-5. The boys kept plugging away but 5mins later it was 6 to St James. The boys battled away and never stopped, a much better display in the second half, with some pride restored. FT  22nd 1-6 St James.

C.Leckey C.Hyponia C.Annesley J.Gill  L.Arbotnut J.Close A.McCamley D.Cully C.Moore N.Kidd L.Mclernan 

J.Smith D.Simpson C.Pursley T.Lyttle

Saturday 20th October 2018
SBYL Div 2
22nd Old Boys U17's 1-3 Saintfield Utd U17's 

After lasts week win the 2s were upbeat and with a new kit thanks to Chrissy Jarvis of Cthru cleaning. As the game kicked off both sides were feeling each other out but it was saintfield who had the firsr chance when there forward broke clear, but he shot wide. Another chance fell to saintfield but again the shot on goal was well wide. This seemed to kick the young 2s into gear and a few half chances came there way but were easily saved by the saintfield goalkeeper. But on 25mins a mistake in the 2s defence saw McAllister being robbed off the ball and the saintfield forward ran clear and put the ball in the net, 1-0 Saintfield. 5mins later another chance but this time leckey was there to save with his feet. The 2s made a change replacing smith with cully and going 442 this made a difference straight away with a threw ball to cully saw him race into the box only to be took down, penalty. Cully composed himself and fired the ball down the middle 1-1. It stayed like this to HT.

The 2nd half started with both teams going for it but both keepers were equal to wat ever came there way. Unfortunately on 60mins the 2s fell behind when a sweeping move by saintfield saw the right winger skip pass the 2s left back and put in an inch perfect cross for the incoming forward who side footed the ball into the net, 2-1. 5mins later the 2s were dealt a big blow when capt Marcus McAllister had to be carried off the pitch with a knee injury. We wish the big lad a speedy recovery as does Saintfield who were kind enough to message our page to enquire after him after tge game. Then 2 mins later saintfield were awarded a pen which was put into the net 3-1. The boys couldnt find a way back into the game and it finished like that.

C.Leckey M.McAllister J.Smith C.Hyponia J.Close J.Meikle A.Dougan L.McLernan C.Annesley N.kidd T.lyttle. 

Subs D.Simpson D.Cully M.Miscandlon L.Arbothnut C.Pursley

Saturday 13th October 2018

SBYL Div 2
22nd Old Boys U17's 9-0 Crewe Utd U17's 

After last week's poor showing the young 2's were put through a hard week of training and a message of buck up your ideas was delivered by the fearless Gruppen Fuhrer(G.Larkin). 

The 22nd got of to a flying start when a long throw into the Crewe box wasn't defended and young Nathan was there to flick the ball home, 1-0. Within minutes the 2's were 2-0 up when another long throw drifted through the whole defence and took a slight flick of the keeper on its way in. The 22nd looking strong at the back moped up everything thrown at them. The 22nd got another long throw from Doughie into the box. This was met with the slighest of flicks by Lewis, which was enough to finish up in the Crewe net, 3-0. The boys were flying and full of confidence now. Another long throw cause more confusion in the Crewe box and Aaron was there to calmly do It home to make it 4-0. A 22nd attack saw the ball fall nicely for Lewis who looked like he was going to burry it. But no a sniper in the near by tree shot his legs from under him much to the amusement of the line. 22nd won a corner and it was whipped into the box and was met beautifully by Craig who burried his header to make it 5-0. The 22nd were relentless and no-one typified this more than Jake who's tireless efforts in midfield allowed the others to surge forward. Just before the half the ball was swept home by Aaron for the 22nds 6th goal and round of an imperious first half display. 6-0 22nd HT.

Heir Larkin delivered a no complacency half time talk and instructed his troops to go get a 7th and put the game to bed. 

Second half saw a few changes and a sweeping cross from young Nathan was swept into his own net by the retreating Crewe defender, 7-0. To be fair to Crewe they never gave up and showed some much needed fight as the game got a bit feisty. From a Crew free kick they smashed the ball against the 22nd bar. The back line led by Marcus just looked in complete control. At the other end a beautiful through ball saw young Nathan race clear. Bearing down on goal from the left corner of the box he opened up his body and finished superbly over the keeper into the far corner, 8-0. Another rare attack by Crewe saw the ball once again smash off the 22nd bar. But straight away another lovely ball saw Nathan away again and his shot bounced of the bar. But who was lurking ? Big Mason to score an important goal which meant the world to him as he immediately indicated he was dedicating it to his recently passed Grandfather Bertie McMinn, 9-0 22nd. The boys played some nice passing moves but the ref had seen enough and blew for full time. Great win for the boys. 

C.Leckey M.McAllister J.Smith C.Hyponia J.Close J.Meikle A.Dougan A.McCamley N.Kidd C.Moore L.McLernan

T.Lyttle M.Miscandlon
Saturday 6th October 2018
SBYL Div 2 
22nd Old Boys U17's 0-6 Comber Rec U17's 

The young 2's got their league campaign up and running against a familiar foe in Comber Rec. After last week's cup semi final win the boys were confident but perhaps too confident. They started well moving the ball nicely and making Comber chase. Unfortunately a mistake in defence saw Comber take the lead early, 1-0 Comber. The 22nd tried to rally and some nice play down the right wing by Daryl saw him whip a lovely ball into the box but unfortunately no-one was there to apply the finish. Comber were clearing their lines well but the 2's were struggling to deal with the long clearances. It was unfortunately another mistake which saw Comber take a 2-0 lead. The boys rallied but once more Comber broke away to finish and find a 3rd goal. The boys try as they may couldn't get back into the game and it finished 3-0 at half time. 

After the half time roasting the boys came out hopefully to get back into the game. Unfortunately Comber struck again to make it 4 and you could physically see the boys heads drop. Some of the guys dug in and battled to the end but some didn't and excuses were creeping in. Comber pressed on and got a 5th goal. The 2's were a beaten team now and when Comber ran in the 6th goal they thoroughly deserved their win. The boys that were on the pitch worked and tried to get some dignity back but just couldn't get that consolation goal. The game finished 6-0 and the boys I have a feeling will have a few tight training sessions to look forward to. 

C.Leckey C.Annesley J.Smith L.Arbrothnot L.Mclernan J.Meikle A.Dougan D.Cully T.Lyttle N.Kidd C.Moore 

M.Miscandlon C.Hyponia J.Close D.Simpson C.Pursley 
Saturday 29th September 2018
Supplementary Cup 
22nd Old Boys U17's 1-1 Aquinas U17's 

The match kicked off with Aquinas knocking the ball about looking dangerous on the attack and really out playing the 2's. The 2's could'nt string two passes together and hardly threatened the Aquinas goal. Aquinas were always looking dangerous from corners and it was from one of these they took the lead, when the Aquinas player lost his marker and headed into the 2s net 1-0 Aquinas. Big Craig had the 2's only real chance of the first half when Nathan sent him clear but unfortunately he couldn't finish and laddered his tights in the process, 1-0 Aquinas HT.

Half time team talk the 2s manager baffer gave both barrels leaving no player out. The message was simple every player had to up their game if they were to reach the final.

The second half started and the 2s were passing the ball creating chances it was obvious the 2s had woke up and had moved up the gears. But in the 50min big Marcus saw red and the 2s were down to 10 men. Jason Smith came on at cb and Craig Moore came off. It was going to be an up hill battle for the 2s with 30mins left and down to 10 men. That all changed on 60mins when the 2s were awarded a free kick 25 yards out and up stepped Dougie to curl the ball over the wall and into the top corner, 1-1. Aquinas knew they had a match on there hands and the 2s were not going down without a fight. With the extra man Aquinas continued to attack the 2s but everytime they thought they were going to score there was Leckey pulling save after save and keeping the 2s in the game. But on 60mins the 2s were dealt another blow when cb Annesley got injured and after a reshuffle saw Close going to cb and big Tom going to right midfield. No matter wat Aquinas threw at them the 2s were holding firm with Smith and Close heading every ball that came into the box and dougan and miekle covering every blade off grass on the pitch. The 2s kept holding on as if there lives depended on it. But with 30secs left a throw in by aquinas saw the ball flicked on and hit the bar before being hit clear. Ref blew up FT 1-1 the dreaded penaltys !

Aquinas were to go 1st and scored 1-0. Close stepped up great pen 1-1. Aquinas... great save Leackey. Jake 2-1 22nd good finish. Aquinas... hit the bar. Daryl 3-1 in off the post ! Aquinas score 3-2. Lewis (for last time Private Pile, deal made if he scored) bang top bag 4-2 22nd.
The cheers went up the fans invaded the pitch manager Baffer closed to tears what a performance by the baby 2s into the final.

C.Leckey C.Annesley M.McAllister D. Cully L.Mclernan J.Meikle J.Close A.McCamley N.Kidd C.Moore 

Subs L.Haddock C.Pursley C.Hipiona J.Smith T.Lyttle 

Also the kids who came to support there team and cheered them on through out the match Simpson Arbothnut Mason.
Just shows hardwork at training listening to coaches pays off.

Friday 21st September 2018

SBYL Supplementary Cup 
Group B 
Aquinas 3G 
Comber Rec U17's 2-3 22nd Old Boys U17's 

The young 2’s in their 3rd competitive game came up against Comber who recently defeated them during preseason.

The game started at a fast pace with the 2’s working had to get the ball down and play football, the first 20 minutes were a physical battle that the boys showed great character and that they were up to the challenge. After 25 minutes, a great ball over the top dropped to Craig “crouch” Moore who calmly slotted it home. 1-0 2’s.
The boys continued to apply pressure at the comber defence, who had been hit hard from the start. Another inch perfect through ball seen Craig Moore one-on-one with the keeper, he toe poked it towards the net, but unfortunately the Comber keeper made himself big and saved it.
Just on the brink off half time the 2’s broke down the left hand side and a great ball from Jaime Close, was flicked on by big Craig Moore, and fell perfectly for Nathan Kidd to volley into the roof off the net. 2-0 2’s.

Half time 22nd 2-0 Comber

The baby 2’s after half-time continued to enjoy most off the possession and controlling the game. 10 minutes in a ball up the middle landed at the feet off Craig Moore who again calmly slotted it around the keeper into the bottom corner. 3-0 2’s.
We continued to press at the Comber defence, a long ball and what would be their only error at the back saw the Comber striker come through the middle. A great save from Lewis Haddock initially, but the ball dropped back to the strikers feet who put it in the back off the net. 3-1, 20 minutes to go.
We calmly saw out the rest of the game, and it allowed for substitutes to take the field. In the dying minutes Lewis “dolph ziggler” McLernon otherwise known as Pile brutally assaulted a Comber player in the box, Penalty! Goal!. The boys kept their nerve and saw out the remaining minutes to seal their first win. 

Full time 22nd 3-2 Comber

L.Haddock C.Pursey M.McCallister C.Annsley  L.McLernon D.Cully J.Meikle A.Dougan J.Close N.Kidd C.Moore


J.Gill D.Simpson A.McCamley J.Smith T.Lyttle

Saturday 15th September 2018
Supplementary Cup 
St Oliver Plunkett B U17's 2-1 22nd Old Boys U17's 

THE 2s started the game brightly going on the attack right away. The first chance came when a cross was met in the air by TOM "50p HEAD"LYTTLE"whose header flew over the bar. The 2s continued there attack on the plunket half with meikle running the show in midfield tackling everyone who had the ball, even his own players. There must have been a pound coin stuck to the ball and meikle wasnt going to let any1 have it. The 2s continued to create chances but were dealt a sucker punch when a shot 20 yards out went through the hole in HADDOCKS gloves, it must have got bigger from last week 1nil plunket. With ERNIE smoking like a train on the sideline must have stole them cigs from big TOM last week, no wonder he looked smug. With Curtis trying to walk in a straight line while doing the flag but it was ovious he had only 1 arm working as everytime the ball went out he gave it to plunket. The 2s continued to attack and a ball played into kidd which saw him thread a lovely ball to BIG CROUCH who slid the ball into the corner off the net, 1-1 HT. 

Second half started much the same as the 1st with the 2s creating chance after chance but not putting them away. Then on 60mins CLOSE picked up the ball and fired a shot from 20yards only to see the ball hit the bar. With so many chances missed it was plunket who took the lead their 2nd shot off the match going in to mske it 2-1. The 22nd worked tirelessly to try and ge5 the equaliser with Baffer making what changes he could to try and get that bit off luck. With time running out and chances squandered the boys gave everything (all that could be asked). The 2s kept plugging away but couldnt get the goal which all there play deserved, Ft 2-1. Plenty of positives to go forward and work to do in training this week. 

The best moved off the match came after the match which saw STEINO getting lifted up by ERNIE to put the barrier on BAFFERs car roof. Only for BAFFER to get in his car with barrier still on roof and drive off ! Only to be stopped by a kind gentleman at the gates to tell him. 

L.Haddock C.Annesley M.McAllister D.Cully C.Hiponua A.Dougan J.Meikle J.Close  N.Kidd C.Moore T.Lyttle

C.Pursley L.McLernan J.Gill L.McCamley

Saturday 8th September 2018

Supplamentary Cup 
Group B
22nd Old Boys u17's v St James Swifts B U17's 

The 22nd Old Boys U17's first ever competitive game took place at the Grove playing fields againat St Jsmes Swifts B.

The match kicked off with the 2's getting the ball down and getting the passes going. The boys were over cooking there passes to much and swifts broke clear. 20 yards out the 2s defender tackled the ref deemed unfairly and awarded a free kick, just outside the box. Up stepped the swifts player to shoot but it slipped out off the keepers hands and into the net 1-0. 5mins later the 2s drew level through some good work in midfield, saw nathan pick up the ball and a lovely threw pass to craig "CROUCHIE" who took his time and slotted the ball into the corner off the net 1-1. 5 mins later swifts grabbed a 2nd goal, then another stupid tackle saw a free kick. Which the swifts player buried into the net giving the 2s goal keeper no chance, 3-1. The 2s kept plugging away an got there just rewards when again nathan with his back to goal just outside the 18 slid his pass through to BIG CROUHIE same result tucked the ball into the corner 3-2, HT. 

The 2nd half started with the 2s trying to press but were caught out by the swifts who made it 4-2. The 2s kept on going trying to get a goal which would keep them in the game and they got a chance when the ref awarded a free kick 25 yards out. Up stepped TOM THUMB who unleashed a fierce shot which nearly broke the  keepers hand and into the net, 4-3 amd bsck in the game. Again the 2s couldnt draw level and the swifts went up 5-3. Again the 2s pressed and from a corner there was big MARCUS to head the ball home 5-4. As the 2s tried as they might to draw level the swifts made it 6-4 at the final whistle, FT 

L.Haddock M.McAllister C.Annesley C.Hyponia J.Gill A.Dougan J.Close D.Cully A.McCamley N.Kidd C.Moore

C.Pursley L.McLernon L.Arbothnut D.Simpson T.Lyttle